Married at First Sight’s Nick to New Wife Sonia in Sneak Peek: I’m Not in Love With You

The honeymoon phase is officially over. Sonia walks out on new husband Nick when he reveals that he doesn’t love her on Married at First Sights Tuesday, September 6, episode, as seen exclusively in Us Weekly’s sneak peek.

The clip above begins with the couple cuddling in a hammock, putting their hands on the other’s heart before they start talking. “Dr. Pepper gave us a bunch of homework to do together,” Nick explains. As he places his hand on his wife’s chest he tells her, “I’m not gonna touch your boob.”

Sonia, who is clearly uncomfortable with the exercise, tells the camera: “It feels awkward.” As the two begin to laugh hysterically, Nick jokes, “You’re making me touch your boob.”

Sonia and Nick
Nick and Sonia

After Nick tells the camera that “It feels awkward trying to build affection,” he and Sonia begin the exercise. He asks, “What do you appreciate most about the other person?” Sonia is hesitant, thinking that her husband is already aware of her answer. “What I appreciate most about you is,” she says with a long pause. “I think you know it.” When Nick presses her for more, she says, “Your sense of humor.”

When Nick reveals his favorite thing about Sonia, she is not impressed. “What I appreciate most about you is your ability to overlook my lack of communication right now,” he says. “Does that make sense?” Sonia coldly replies: “If that’s what you feel, then that’s what you feel.” She is more honest about her feelings in an interview during the episode. “To be honest, my patience is kind of low,” she says to the camera. “He needs to put in more effort.”

Sonia and Nick
Sonia and Nick Courtesy of Karolina Wojtasik/A&E

As their conversation continues, Nick confesses his true feelings to Sonia. “I think you’re an awesome person,” he says. “But am I in love with you? No.” 

Sonia begins to panic at the fact that they’re discussing love in the first place. “I have absolutely no idea why he would say that,” she tells the camera. “Why are you telling me you’re not in love with me? Like, have I ever told you I was in love with you?” Sonia quickly ends the conversation as she gets up and says, “I don’t want to talk anymore. It was nice chatting with you.” After walking away, she notes to the camera, “Sometimes I think this could be the worst decision that I’ve made."

Watch the awkward moment in the clip above.

Married at First Sight, produced by Kinetic Content, airs on FYI Tuesdays at 8:30 p.m. ET.

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