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‘Married at First Sight’ Recap: One Couple Is Ready to Call It Quits, Another Consummates Their Marriage

Is the marriage over already? On the Thursday, May 11, episode of Married at First Sight, one of the couples was already in serious trouble. The other two were doing fine — though not great — and things seemed to tipping from tenuous to worse as they got ready to head home from their honeymoons and back to the reality of day-to-day life.

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On the plus side, Ashley and Anthony had finally had sex. “More than once,” Anthony reported to the camera with a smile. Ashley added, “It was good.” They headed out on a catamaran and Ashley finally started to relax a little (though she was still afraid of sharks). Though Anthony seemed moderately freaked out by Ashley’s obsession with having kids, like, yesterday, they were getting along pretty well, at least in comparison to the other two couples.

Nate Doesn’t Want to Be Married Anymore

Determined to do a reset after their post Jet-Ski fight, Sheila and Nate played ping-pong on the beach. The only problem? The plan backfired when Nate got uber-competitive. “Winning has always been important to me,” he said. “Losing has never been an option.” When he lost to Sheila, he wasn’t happy.

“Dude, relax,” Sheila said to the camera. “This is ping-pong.” She didn’t mince her words when it came to speaking directly to him, either. “You’re a sore loser,” she said. Nate argued that his ambition to always succeed was a good trait. “I think anybody can rationalize why they have deficiencies in their character,” Sheila shrugged.

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Nate told her she was being disrespectful, but tried to reset (again) by holding her hand. “I don’t want to,” Sheila snapped as she yanked her hand away. “I don’t want to.” He told her she was being disrespectful and – off-camera – apparently told her didn’t want to be married anymore. Umm … that was fast.

Danielle Wants Cody to Be a Man

Danielle and Cody weren’t engaged in World War III like Nate and Sheila, but they weren’t clicking either. Cody was being very timid and it was getting on Danielle’s nerves. She wanted a man’s man who took charge, and that’s just not who she got. They went Jet-Skiing and Cody drove — for a little bit. When he fell into the water, Danielle took over. “Danielle has to lower her expectations,” Dr. Pepper Schwartz commented. “She has a vision of manliness that I’m not sure is really good for a marriage.”

Cody and Danielle went zip-lining, where she learned that her husband was afraid of heights. She went ahead and took off down the zip-line and then watched anxiously to see if he would do it despite his fears. He did, and she was happy, but it was unclear if that was enough.

Later, while discussing living arrangements, Cody revealed that he was currently living with his parents. Danielle thought that wasn’t crazy since he had just poured his savings into a business, but she made it clear she wasn’t going to move in with his mom and dad, which seems fair.

Sheila Breaks Down

Sheila called Pastor Calvin Roberson for advice. “I’m still committed to my marriage and the fact that his commitment level doesn’t go very far is a problem for me,” Sheila said after confiding that Nate had told her he wanted to end their union already. She added that it was “unforgivable.” The pastor tried to talk her off the ledge, arguing, “Nothing is unforgivable” and encouraging her “not to give up on it.”

Nate did try to apologize, explaining that when he’d felt she’d disrespected him, it made him want to pull back. Sheila said she just didn’t know what to say. “I’m at a point where I will not convince my husband that I’m worth it,” she argued, noting that she’d spent most of her 20s trying to convince guys she was worth the commitment.

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“I get it that I’ve not been easy this honeymoon. I’m trying and when you wake up and you are just fighting to feel like yourself — I’m trying to express those things to you because you just want to have fun.” Tears poured down her cheeks as she added, “When I am easy to love, I am easy to love and that’s awesome, but I have never had someone who loved me when I wasn’t easy to love.” She couldn’t take it for one more moment and she got up from the dinner table saying she didn’t know how to move forward with him.

“I’m just over this. I don’t want to do this with you. I don’t. I don’t want to eat with you. I don’t want to do any of this with you!” she said as she stormed off. To the camera, she cried, “It just reminds me that I have never had somebody who was there for me in that moment — ever.”

Nate turned to the camera and said he thought his marriage was in trouble.

Tell Us: Do you think there’s any hope for Nate and Sheila?

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