‘Married at First Sight’ Recap: Tom Says Lillian Likes Her Job Over Him; Nick Wants Sonia Back

There’s a calm before the storm, but there’s also a calm after the storm. On the Tuesday, October 4, episode of Married at First Sight, two of the three couples found themselves acclimating to the aftermath of blowout battles (one of which led to a declaration of divorce). As the clouds parted, it seemed that everyone was rethinking things that had been said and feeling at least the slightest twinge of regret.

Heather Worries She May Have “Made a Mistake”

First up were Derek Schwartz and Heather Seidel, who met face-to-face for the first time since Heather announced that she wanted to end their marriage. Though Heather worried to the camera that maybe she “made a mistake getting divorced too soon,” she hadn’t actually gotten divorced yet.

Derek arrived and said a friendly hello, and then expert Rachel DeAlto asked them both when they would like to file. Derek was still wearing his ring and thanks to selective editing, it briefly seemed like Heather might be reconsidering — but then she said she would like it as soon as possible, and that was that. They did both insist they would be open to marriage in the future, though Heather qualified it by saying she would not marry a stranger (which was probably not an option at this point anyway).

Nick Wants Sonia to Move Back In

ICYMI, after Nick Pendergrast said he wasn’t attracted to Sonia Granados (even though he’d had sex with her), Sonia moved out. Now, however, Nick had cooled down and had a chance to rethink his choice of comments — he decided his words might not have been the best. While Nick desperately wanted Sonia to move back in, she clearly wasn’t ready.

Instead, Sonia took Nick to feed peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to the homeless. As he watched her passionately reach out to people in need, Nick had a rare moment of true openness and self-reflection. “She is exactly the girl that I want to be married to,” he said to the camera. “I’m going to do everything possible to get her to move back in.” Feeding the homeless with her was a good start, as Sonia immediately saw Nick’s devotion to their cause.

Still, she argued she wasn’t ready, noting that he’d done something horrible to her and then turned around and wanted to essentially get a redo. “That’s not how life works,” she quipped to the camera. Later she broke down in tears. “I really thought I could make it. I really thought I could be one of the relationships that survive this journey.” Apparently, despite Nick’s recent efforts to win her back, Sonia wasn’t sure she could dive in again. She did admit, however, that even though her mind was telling her to stay away, the hopeless romantic in her was saying she should move back in to see if they could “build a friendship.”

Tom Worries Lillian Loves Work More Than She Loves Him

Things were still going remarkably well between Tom Wilson and Lillian Vilchez, who celebrated their one-month anniversary with a romantic dinner. Though Tom was initially perturbed that Lillian showed up late because she had been working, she came bearing a gift that more than made up for it — an artistic rendering of a still shot from one of his surfing videos.

She also failed to rewrite her marriage vows, which was something they had agreed to exchange that evening as well — but since Tom felt badly that he hadn’t gotten her a gift, he let her off the hook … for now, at least. They ended dinner feeling “hopeful” about their future, and the next day Tom brought Lillian a beautiful bouquet to make up for showing up to their anniversary celebration empty-handed.

The theme of Tom being annoyed with Lillian for working too much continued on, however. He got annoyed as she failed to listen to him while he was talking about an upcoming doctor visit, testing whether she was paying attention by making reference to learning how to be a gay cowboy. (For the record, he never learned that.) He said he was putting in “100 percent,” while she was only putting in “67 percent.” (He did not share how he reached those calculations.)

Sonia Granados and Nick Pendergrast
Sonia Granados and Nick Pendergrast Karolina Wojtasik

In an attempt to show Lillian that time together mattered more than money, he took her surfing. She seemed to enjoy it, and they headed out for bowling with their friends. Though the evening went smoothly, and everyone seemed to have a great time, Tom lamented again to the camera that he was still worried Lillian didn’t love him as much as she loved her job. Only time will tell whether she can convince him she does — hopefully she can do that without moving into his bus.

Cinco de Mayo Party of Two

Though Sonia still was not living with Nick, they hosted a Cinco de Mayo party at their/his house. Both Sonia and Nick debriefed their respective friends and loved ones on the status of their marriage. Nick’s friend encouraged him to think of convincing Sonia to move back home the way he thought about doing the work necessary to get six-pack abs. That was probably not a bad analogy, considering that Sonia admitted to her sister that she “didn’t know” if she saw a future with Nick.

“I miss my wife,” Nick admitted to the camera. “She is very attractive, and whenever she feels willing to move back, then she is welcome back.” Because she drank during the party, Sonia decided it was best not to drive home that night, and agreed to stay over, much to Nick’s delight. (Three cheers for beer!) Still, Sonia insisted the only activity on her agenda that evening was to “hang out.” In other words, there would be no hanky panky. Still, it was progress.

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