‘Married at First Sight’ Recap: One Wife Might Quit the Show

No one said this was going to be easy, but marrying a stranger might be even harder than some of these newlyweds thought. The June 29 episode of Married at First Sight began with Sheila being grilled by Nate‘s mom. It seemed that the harder Sheila tried to build a bridge between the two of them, the more displeased Nate’s mother became. Her list of complaints ran the gamut from the fact that they hadn’t called her enough, to Sheila talking too much, to their decision to stay in a hotel instead of in her house. When Sheila explained that she hadn’t wanted to impose, Nate’s mom laughed and noted that Nate had brought tons of girls to stay there over the years. Ouch.

Later, Nate and Sheila headed to what was meant to be a romantic bed and breakfast to celebrate Sheila’s birthday, but Nate thought the place was creepy and said he was worried there might be a “dead body” in the house. He seemed to loosen up when they went wine tasting, but things went south from there.

Sheila Flips Over Nate’s Finances

They headed out to celebrate their one-month anniversary over a romantic dinner. During the meal, Nate mentioned that, at one point, he’d considered living in a garage. He reasoned that he’d been spending too much on his credit cards and he thought that by lowering his rent to the tune of $200 per month, he’d be able to get out of credit card debt quickly (which, to be honest, seems like a pretty responsible plan).

Sheila didn’t take it that way, though. “Financially, you were hemorrhaging. You were trying to stop the bleeding,” she said. She then lectured him on how he presented the story. In her mind, he was trying to make it sound like he thought living in a garage would be fun, instead of being honest that financial woes were leading him there. “You’re annoying me,” he whined to the camera. (He didn’t say that to her face, though.)

Cody and Danielle Still Have Not Had Sex

For about one minute it looked like things might finally turn romantic for Cody and Danielle. They had been snuggling by the fire, drinking Old Fashioneds, when she excused herself to get the rest of her surprise. Nate was hoping for sex, but she returned with s’mores. (Wah wah!)

The next day, they hit the gym and Danielle seemed mildly enticed by Cody’s muscles, but it wasn’t enough to get them into the sack. When their one-month anniversary rolled around, Cody made dinner for her and she gave him a box of gourmet doughnuts. They headed out for a walk, but Cody was distracted.

In a voiceover, he explained that he’d received some bad news and wasn’t sure if he could share it with Danielle. On the other side, Danielle was stressing because she had no idea what was wrong with Cody. It goes without saying that the romantic stroll was subsequently kind of a bust.

Ashley Passes Anthony’s Sister’s Test

During their visit to see Anthony‘s family, Ashley got grilled by Anthony’s sister, Alena. Ashley assured Alena that she would never intentionally hurt Anthony and reiterated how special she thought he was. Finally, she got Alena’s seal of approval, which felt like a big victory.

Later, to celebrate their one-month anniversary, they went for dinner and Anthony gave Ashley a bracelet to match the necklace he’d given her on their wedding day. Ashley was truly touched and after the meal they walked around by the water’s edge, where they found the “bag” game set up. (ICYMI, it’s a popular game for college kids that involve throwing small bags through a hole … and drinking.) Ashley didn’t want to play because she would worry she would embarrass herself, but ultimately caved … for about two minutes.

After throwing a few bags toward the hole, she quit. Anthony was totally taken aback. To the camera, he said he didn’t understand how she could marry a stranger, but feel embarrassed about playing the bag game. “I got nothing,” he said as he shrugged. 

Sheila Quits the Show … Maybe

Things did not improve following the anniversary dinner for Nate and Sheila, it seemed. The next morning while driving, they had some type of argument (off-camera) that led to Sheila getting out of the car and refusing to talk to Nate at all. Nate said that she was continually pressuring him to solve their issues when the cameras were not around.

“I am beyond disgusted with you,” Sheila told Nate before repeating that she was “not doing this with” him anymore. She then told the producers she wasn’t doing this anymore and stormed off.

Tell Us: What do you think is going on with Nate and Sheila when the cameras are off?

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