Mayor of Florence Warns Jersey Shore Cast: No Public Drinking in Our City!

 John Kessler/MTV

When the Jersey Shore cast begins filming season 4 in Florence, Italy, next month, they better put a lid on their Ron-Ron Juice!

The city's mayor, Matteo Renzi, has drafted a series of rules for Snooki and Co. that must be followed while in town.

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Chief among them? The cast cannot be filmed drinking in public or in bars/clubs that serve alcohol, reports Italian newspaper Corriere Della Sera (via The New York Post).

While MTV cameras roll, cast members are not to paint Florence as a drinking town and cannot tape in the city's historic public buildings.

Though they have yet to set foot on Italian soil, the MTV reality stars have already angered the people of Italy, where the show has just begun to air.

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"They embody the worst stereotypes of Italians, multiplied by thousands and Americanized," writer Roberto Del Bove said of the cast in Rome's New Notzie newspaper in March.

Snooki, on the other hand, doesn't see what the big deal is.

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"[Critics] don't understand that 'guidos' and 'guidettes' are good-looking people that, you know, like to make a scene and be center of attention and just take care of themselves," she has said. "They are old-fashioned. They don't know that; they think it's offensive, because maybe in their time it was offensive, but now it's kind of a compliment. So they don't understand that and that is what we are trying to say. They are way overreacting to the show. We're 22 to 29 just having fun…. They are just taking it way out of proportion."

The Italy-set episodes of Jersey Shore will air later this year.

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