Meet Kate Hudson’s Singing Cousin!

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I gotta admit even I was surprised at Kate Hudson's singing ability in last year's movie musical, Nine. The actress belted out numbers such as the saucy single "Cinema Italiano" with gusto, but I shouldn't have been too surprised.

Remember, her mom Goldie Hawn was once a Broadway darling, her uncle is record producer Mark Hudson and, oh yeah, his daughter Sarah, 27, is the feminine yin of co-ed electro-pop duo Ultraviolet Sound (their new single, "Suck My Kiss," is getting buzz and their self-titled album is coming soon!). I just caught up with the lead singer to talk her new single, esteemed lineage and Kate's latest romantic conquest. How did you get started doing music?

Sarah Hudson: Well, my family is in the business. My father was in a pop group in the '70s, The Hudson Brothers. I just grew up around music my whole life and it was just natural for me to get into it. I started writing when I was in high school and landed a record deal with BMI out of high school and I made a full record. Then my label closed before my record was released, which sucked, but it happens to everybody, I'm hearing. Through that, I met my partner Sami, and we just hit it off. We started writing together just for fun. He has a deep love for electronic music and I come from pop music and I love pop music. We fell in love with each other and we started creating what is now Ultraviolet Sound together.

Us: Music definitely runs in your family. Was your cousin, Kate, musical as a kid?

SH: When we were little, Kate and I would always sing and put on shows for our family and perform and we did the whole soundtrack to Dirty Dancing with full-on costume changes and everything. I actually have it on video somewhere. My whole family is creative. My other cousin is a singer, my other cousin is a drummer and all our fathers are musicians and my mother is a dancer. So it's in the genes, you know? Kate and I both loved to sing. I never knew it was something that she was seriously considering. I always knew she loved to act. Obviously she can sing, she can carry a tune. We would sing for hours together.

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Us: I am sure when you saw her in Nine you were impressed, too.

SH: Oh yeah, of course. It's like looking at this little girl that I always knew, singing and dancing together.

Us: Kate is now dating another musician, Matthew Bellamy of the prog-rock outfit Muse. Do you think they're a good couple?

SH: He's amazing. I love Muse. Yeah, she likes those musician boys. Kate's a creative girl, so I’m sure being with someone else creative is good for her.

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Us: Do you think it will last?

SH: I hope so!

Us: Her ex-husband is Chris Robinson the the Black Crowes. Were you a fan?

SH: Honestly, no I wasn't, ever. I met him a couple of times with Kate and he's a great guy. I respect the Black Crowes, I respect his work, but I'm more of a pop girl. I grew up with Madonna and Kylie Minogue. Pop music is my favorite thing in the world.

Us: Has Goldie been supportive of your career?

SH: She's wonderful. She actually Twittered me the other day, which is so funny. She just said it's good to see that you're doing what you love, and you look beautiful and stay with it. She is very, very loving and supportive.

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Us: Will we ever see a Kate and Sarah duet?

SH: That would be awesome, sure. Let’s do it, Katie.

Us: With Muse on the backup.

SH: Exactly. Muse can do the tracks!

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