Mistresses Season Finale Recap: Find Out Who Murdered Luca Raines and Who Finally Hooked Up!

The Mistresses Season 3 finale was packed with twists, turns, and deranged murderers  ABC/Jack Rowand

That's all, folks! ABC's sisterhood-centric drama Mistresses has finally transformed into a full-blown soap, and things took a turn for the insanely dramatic during the Season 3 finale. With Joss' complicated relationship status, the fact that Karen (Yunjin Kim) is carrying a love child, and the mysterious murderer running around town, there's a lot to catch up on. Pour a vat of wine and let's get this party started.

Joss Got Out of Jail, Might Be Moving to Europe

Last time we checked on Joss (Jes Macallan), she was in jail for murdering her friend Calista's husband, but it looks like there's a light at the end of this slightly hilarious tunnel. Thanks to Calista (Jennifer Esposito) taking the blame, Joss was let out of jail and celebrated her freedom by making sweet love to Harry (Brett Tucker). But before you toast their happily ever after, you should know that Harry was offered a job traveling around Europe for a year with the Food Network. The good news? Harry got Joss a gig with the team. The bad news? Literally everything else that took place in this episode.

Sad Face: One Third of Karen's Thrupple Died 

Time to check in on Karen's completely weird love life! In case you'd forgotten, she was pregnant and in a thrupple this season. The problem (aside from the obvious)? Her sister-wife, Vivienne (Sonja Bennet), ended up dying from an untreatable illness during the finale –– which means Karen might have to ride solo with Viv's husband, Alec (Ed Quinn). 

(Don't try to understand the complicated relationship dynamics going on here. It's a #thrupple world and we're just living in it.) 

Fortunately, Karen managed to orchestrate a tender moment before Viv's death, in which she and her pals recorded a message for their baby. Because what teenager wouldn't want to know that his parents were part of a threesome, right?

April Declared Her Love for Mark, and It Was Adorable 

April and Marc sitting in a tree! Our favorite single mom (Rochelle Aytes) finally realized that she was in love with her live-in man child this week, and spent the entire episode trying to tell him the good news. After a series of hijinks, these two finally came face-to-face in April's front yard, where Marc (Rob Mayes) wasted no time declaring his feelings. April's reaction? A public makeout session, obviously.

Don't Panic: Joss Was Held Up at Gunpoint (Actually, Feel Free to Panic)

Several shady events took place toward the latter half of this finale: First, Joss began receiving weird messages from Calista –– but when confronted, Calista denied everything. Then, in what can only be described as the darkest moment in Mistresses history, a majorly depressed Calista tried to hang herself in her jail cell. As if that's not upsetting enough, Joss missed her flight to Europe because she walked into Calista's house and was held up at gunpoint…by her assistant, Wilson. Yep, he's been the murderer all along — and even better, he's obsessed with Calista and dresses up as her in his free time –– wig and all. 

So, will Joss make it out alive? Probably yes, if the show's given a fourth season!

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