‘My 600-lb Life’ Patient Mocks Nutritionist Who Threw Out Her Junk Food: ‘I Can Just Order More’

One step at a time. A woman with an extreme binging habit isn’t pleased when a nutritionist throws out her stash of favorite snacks on My 600-lb Lifes Wednesday, February 8, episode.

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The TLC docuseries‘ sneak peek, exclusive to Us Weekly, introduces Erica Wall from Lompoc, California, who weighs 661 pounds. Erica, 44, was overweight as a child and teased in school, leading her to get her stomach stapled at age 16. She lost some weight but was gang raped that same year and turned to food to cope, blowing out her staple line just five years after the procedure.

My 600-lb Life's Erica
My 600-lb Life’s Erica

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In the preview clip, Erica gets a visit from a health specialist who wants the patient to cut out carbs. Erica grimaces as she hears about the diet she must adhere to before her upcoming surgery.

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“OK, so I think to make it easy for you, let’s get some of this food out of the house,” the nutritionist suggests as she throws away trash bags of unhealthy food items. “I know you’re not happy about it.”

Erica tells the camera that she’s not yet prepared to make a major lifestyle change. “I can’t believe she just wasted all that food,” she grouses about the dietician. “I’m so frustrated right now. But I can just order more, and there’s nothing she can really do to stop me from doing that. So she completely wasted her time.”

Watch the emotional clip above. My 600-lb Life airs Wednesdays on TLC at 8 p.m. ET.

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