Nashville’s Six Biggest Moments: Scarlett Slaps Gunnar, Rayna Meets Her Stalker

The heart wants what the heart wants — and Maddie’s heart wants Clayton. On the Thursday, January 26, episode of Nashville, Maddie (Lennon Stella) was getting close to her new love interest, though he seemed to be doing everything he could to keep her at an arm’s distance. Meanwhile, Scarlett (Clare Bowen) and Gunnar (Sam Palladio) got busy shooting their music video, which was being bankrolled by Rayna’s new business partner, tech billionaire Zach Wells (Cameron Scoggins). There were tears. There were fights. And 911 was called — twice. Here are the six most surprising moments that are sure to have fans talking.

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1. Rayna Confronts Randall

When Rayna (Connie Britton) realized the homemade container from her kids was missing, the first place she looked was Randall’s desk. (ICYMI, Randall was her new social media hire who seemed pretty obsessed with her.) As predicted, the pot was in his desk drawer (though it did seem strange he didn’t actually take it home, but whatever).

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Rayna confronted him, and he admitted he took it, saying he was planning to give it to his mother. He denied having sent her any of the flowers or letters, though, and she believed him. This left her even more wary, since she now knew that she had no clue who her stalker was.

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2. Maddie and Clay Almost Kiss … Twice

Maddie and Clay (Joseph David-Jones) seemed to be getting close, fast. While hanging out in a parking lot (illegally, Maddie noted), they started to kiss — but Clay stopped it before it got too hot and heavy. He tried to keep a distance from Maddie, but they were like two magnets, and soon she ended up hanging out with him at a recording studio where he worked, which also happened to be where he lived. In other words, she ended up back at his place. Again, however, as soon as they started kissing, Clay put a stop to it — and this time, he kicked her out.

Gunnar and Scarlett

3. Juliette Tells Maddie to Get Over Clayton

Maddie went to see Juliette (Hayden Panettiere) to discuss her boy troubles. When Maddie admitted that Clay had been mean to her the night before (mean = kicked her out of his apartment instead of sleeping with her), Juliette advised her to get over him, stat. “If a guy’s not treating you right, it doesn’t mean there’s some sweeter, nicer version of him hiding under there, and it’s your job to find him,” she said. “I’ve been down that road too many times to count.”

Maddie asked Juliette why she kept going down that same road if the issue was so obvious to her (a fair question), and Juliette quipped, “Screwed-up men are sexy … until they’re not.”

4. Scarlett Slaps Gunnar

Scarlett and Gunnar were really struggling with their music video shoot. Damien (Christian Coulson), the hot director who Zach had brought in, was pushing Scarlett out of her comfort zone and forcing her to play a sort of evil seductress who enjoyed teasing men. She was not feeling it or appreciating Damien’s explanations of her character’s motivations for the scenes. “I don’t know how to do what you want me to do!” she shouted. At that point, Damien knew he had her where he needed her and began rolling. Two seconds later, she slapped Gunnar across the face. Damn, girl!

That didn’t mean she was out of the woods yet. Gunnar ended up going for drinks with Damien after filming wrapped that day, and the following morning Scarlett was clearly annoyed. She and Damien had a shouting match on set that afternoon, which led to her storming out. Ultimately, Damien talked her back inside and got the exact angry performance out of her that he’d wanted. Realizing Gunnar had told Damien details of their tumultuous past, however, Scarlett was angry all over again.

Clay and Maddie

5. Clay Goes to the Hospital

When Maddie hadn’t heard from Clay, she went to his studio/apartment to make sure he was OK — and found him covered in blood. (He had gotten in a fight earlier with two guys.) Maddie called 911 just as he collapsed on the floor, and accompanied him to the hospital. When he emerged, he told her he was “not a normal person” and said he got terrible “mood swings.” Maddie asked if he meant that he was bipolar, and he said that was correct. She encouraged him to try medication, but he said it made him numb to his feelings, and he couldn’t live like that.

They had another fight, which ended when he asked her if she just wanted him to show up at her parents’ house and introduce himself, and she said yes, that was exactly what she wanted. “You are brilliant, and I care so much about you, and the only thing holding you back is you!” she screamed. The next morning, he showed up at her parents’ house.

6. Rayna’s Stalker Arrives at the Office

At work, Rayna’s stalker seemed to appear. He was holding another envelope and screaming about how he just needed to give her a letter. Rayna was understandably freaked out, and the office called 911.

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