Oscars 2017 What You Didn’t See on TV: Justin Timberlake Takes Selfies, Mahershala Ali Doesn’t Take His Award in Bathroom and More!

And the Oscar goes to … La La Light? The Best Picture mix-up at the 89th Academy Awards overshadowed much of Hollywood’s biggest night on Sunday, February 26. While viewers were busy picking their jaws off the floor after Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway erroneously presented the top prize to La La Land instead of Moonlight, Us Weekly was inside Hollywood’s Dolby Theatre to witness it all. Check out everything you didn’t see on TV from the nearly four-hour broadcast!

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3:30 p.m. PT: Chrissy Teigen and John Legend arrive on the red carpet and glide through security holding hands.

3:40: A fan in the stands yells, “You work that dress, Taraji!” Taraji P. Henson (in Alberta Ferretti) turns around and says, “Ooh, who said that?” and smiles and waves to the crowd.

3:41: Clad in a white Stella McCartney dress, Karlie Kloss poses for E!’s 360 camera. She then wanders around for 15 to 20 minutes by herself, before picking up an ACLU ribbon and posing with a selfie stick and an Oscar statue, posting Facebook 360 photos.

3:50: Riz Ahmed and his friend have a really animated conversation.

4:03: A woman stops best actress nominee Ruth Negga as she enters the theater and fawns over her. The Loving actress appears embarrassed but is really nice about it. She takes a picture with the woman, though they don’t appear to know each other.

4:17: Emma Roberts squeals, “I have almonds!” She hugs Scream Queens costar Glen Powell close to her and says, “What are the odds?” She appeared excited to be at the Oscars.

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4:22: Pharrell Williams trips over a floor light and almost falls on the ground while arriving with his Hidden Figures producing partner, Mimi Valdes.

4:40: Josh Dallas holds the back of his wife Ginnifer Goodwin‘s Zuhair Murad dress as he leads her into the theater.

4:42: Janelle Monáe struggles to get up the stairs and requires a lot of people to help her carry her black Elie Saab tulle gown. She’s excited when she finally makes it to the top of the stairs and exclaims, “Yes, I made it!”

5:35: Meryl Streep leans over and kisses her husband, sculptor Don Gummer, after Justin Timberlake opens the show with his Trolls song “Can’t Stop the Feeling!”

6:07: John Cho rushes back into the show from the bar.

6:08: At the bar, Scarlett Johansson snacks on a Japanese cracker mix and drinks a clear beverage in a wineglass with ice. She praises Viola Davis‘ Armani Privé look. Johansson eats a big cracker whole as her friends make fun of her and laugh.

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6:50: Jim Parsons puts on ChapStick while he waits at bar. Michael Shannon‘s wife, Kate Arrington, eats Hershey Kisses while he orders drinks.

6:51: Ruth Negga greets Salma Hayek, who asks her who made her dress (Karla Welch). Michelle Williams and Busy Philipps also fawn over Negga’s dress. “I love your bag! I love your dress! I actually love your whole body!” Williams says to Negga.

6:52: Williams asks Philipps, “Champagne?” She replies, “Champagne.”

6:53: Philipps fills her purse with a few Hershey Kisses while Williams chugs water before switching to champagne. They both then double-fist water and champagne. The bartender tells them it’s good to hydrate.

6:58: Henson takes selfies with friends in front of an old Oscar by the Dolby bar. Sipping a clear beverage with a lime, she instructs her friend how to take selfies with good angles. She has a candy necklace on her wrist.

7:03: Henson talks to two older men, who pretend to fight with their canes. She compares the men hitting their canes to lightsabers. Henson then points to the TV and says Hailee Steinfeld’s Ralph & Russo dress is pretty.

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7:08: Sting walks up to the bar and Henson is thrilled. She says, “The one time I don’t have my camera! Please please please.” Henson then takes a photo for her friend and says, “It was better of you two.”

7:15: Timberlake and his wife, Jessica Biel, stand in the hallway outside the restroom. Speaking to a male friend, he says, “All the parties are fun, but you know what’s the most fun? Guy Oseary‘s.” The pal responds, “Who’s that?” and Timberlake jokingly looks at him with a quizzical look before filling him in. Biel drinks champagne as her husband makes a call on his iPhone.

7:17: Timberlake takes selfies with fans. He holds the phone because he’s much taller than the short older woman in the shot. Another man comes up to Timberlake, who sarcastically rolls his eyes and says, “You’re asking me to take a picture?” The fan’s wife is pregnant, so they talk babies. Timberlake, who shares 22-month-old son Silas with Biel, tells them, “We have one and it’s enough. You’re jumping in the deep end.”

7:19: Biel downs her champagne and politely says, “Excuse me,” as she puts her glass on a tray. Timberlake and Biel sneak through the bar’s exit together.

7:20: Philipps and Williams stand at the bar together talking to Shannon and Arrington. They clink champagne. Best supporting actress nominee Williams texts her 11-year-old daughter, Matilda, who she shared with late ex Heath Ledger. She says, “My daughter always roots for me! I told her, ‘Honey, I’m not going to win,’ but she gets upset.” Williams then goes into the corner of the room and calls Matilda on the phone.

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7:21: Philipps tells a story to Shannon and Arrington: “My daughter [Birdie, 8] figured out the Oscars two years ago. She said, ‘Daddy [Marc Silverstein]’s a screenwriter, does that mean he could win an Oscar?’ and I said, ‘Yes, I guess he could. Sure, if he wrote an Oscar-winning movie.’ Then, my daughter said, ‘But you won’t win because you’re primarily a television actress.'”

7:28: Josh Dallas advises a woman at the bar to get “champagne always.” She tells him he’s not following his own advice because he ordered water for himself and his wife. He replies, “We’ll get there” and cheers Goodwin.

7:29: Emma Roberts struggles to figure out her purple charging bank. She says someone just texted her and how she usually would be in bed by this time.

7:30: Mahershala Ali walks into the lobby with an Oscars escort, who is holding the Moonlight actor’s award for best supporting actor. The escort takes him to the restroom but Ali stops and says, “I don’t really want to take this into the bathroom!” The escort holds the statuette for Ali outside the bathroom as people take photos of him holding it.

7:32: Someone congratulates Goodwin on Zootopia‘s Best Animated Feature Film win as she holds hands with her husband and walks to the bar. Goodwin replies, “Thanks! I had so much confidence beforehand, but then when you hear it, it’s a different thing.” A group of girls comes up to Goodwin and Dallas at the bar and and gush over Goodwin’s ABC series, Once Upon a Time, before asking for a picture together. Goodwin and Dallas are really gracious about it.

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7:35: Kirsten Dunst gets her ticket checked as she walks back into the show.

8:13: Brie Larsen tells a friend, “I can’t. I actually can’t. I can’t. I’ve already cried 500 times tonight!”

9:20: After the Best Picture snafu, Nicole Kidman says, “I’m in shock! Is that not the weirdest thing?” She says La La Land got so much publicity, but Moonlight deserved to win. She told someone else, “Moonlight is a beautiful film.”

9:21: La La Land producer Jordan Horowitz walks out and someone says, “Give this man a hug. He needs it!” Horowitz and Ryan Gosling share a big hug. The producer says, “Well, at least I got to give a speech.” Soon after, Gosling — who evidently skipped the afterparties — calls a car to pick him up.

9:23: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson walks out holding a woman’s clutch.

9:24: Negga pauses to let a woman with a giant dress exit in front of her.

9:27: La La Land director Damien Chazelle‘s girlfriend, Olivia Hamilton, yells, “Limo pickup is on the way!”

9:38: French icon and best actress nominee Isabelle Huppert seems confused about everything happening about the mix-up and someone explains the whole scene to her in French.

9:39: Philipps takes selfies in the bathroom mirror as Williams puts more makeup on. Williams tells Philipps, “You took enough photos!”

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