Party Down South Recap: Josh Murray Splits Head in Pool Accident, Drunk Daddy Gets Kicked Out of Bar

Josh Murray in CMT's Party Down South
Josh Murray gets a six pack spray tan on CMT's Party Down South. CMT

In the mood to party? It’s time for a trip to the goat-infested vacation home of reality TV’s best and brightest: the beer-chugging cast of Party Down South! This week’s episode was even more turnt and traumatizing than usual, with Ryan “Daddy” Richards getting kicked out of a beach club, Hannah “Hott Dogg” Guidry crying hysterically, and Josh Murray slicing his head open.

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In Which Tiffany and Hott Dogg Make Up

Good news everyone: Tiffany Heinen and Hott Dogg worked things out post-drunken brawl! Though, it should be noted that instead of apologizing to Hott Dogg for literally snatching her weave, Tiffany said “You just pissing in my f—ing cornflakes by being a bitch.”

The good news is that these two were happily chugging beer together a few hours later, so it looks like everything worked out for the best. (And phew, we were getting worried that Hott Dogg would lose even more of her hair!)

Party Down South 1
Daddy gets escorted out of Hulk Hogan’s beach bar. CMT

In Which Walt Shaves His Chest Hair into a Bikini

Walt Windham was on a mission to find a girlfriend this week, and his go-to method for attracting women included shaving his chest — into a triangle bikini. Shockingly, this was a huge crowd pleaser with ladies at the beach bar, and one enraptured girl mused, “It really accentuates your areolas.” In other words, Walt is truly living his best life.

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In Which Lauren Goes To Gym, Immediately Vomits

Lauren White had a pretty rough night during Party Down South’s season premiere, and this week she spent most of her time hung over. Poor Lauren tried to work out her struggles at the gym, but instead ended up vomiting in a bathroom. “If I’m stressed out, or I’m upset, or I’m mad, or I’m pissed off enough, I get sick,” she explained. “I’m nauseated, I just wanna throw up.”

In Which Murray Does a Backflip, Slices Open His Face

Poor Murray got slightly too enthusiastic about his backflip abilities and ended up splitting his forehead open after diving in the pool. “Ahh, my f—ing head!” he wailed as he emerged from the water. “I hit the bottom!” Fortunately, Murray was fine after a trip to the hospital and 12 stitches, and spent the remainder of the episode wearing a giant shark hat to cover his bandage.

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In Which Lyle Is a Broken Man

Lyle A. Boudreaux recently broke up with his girlfriend, Santana, and now he’s looking for some new “talent” (his words). “I’m out here drinking shots, I’m trying to scout some talent, it’s like man, Santana’s been on my mind all day today,” a tearful Lyle said. He eventually called his ex up and asked for redemption, explaining to one of his castmates, “I’m in love with her, Daddy, I don’t want no one else.”

Note: Daddy’s approach to dating is, “When there’s marlins everywhere, I just grab something breathing and hump the s— out of it.”

Party Down South 2
Mattie Lynn Breaux parties with a beer on CMT’s Party Down South CMT

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In Which Daddy Gets Drunk and Hulk Hogan Judges Him

The whole troop went to Hulk Hogan’s bar for some day-drinking, but unfortunately the outing ended in Hott Dogg weeping, Daddy getting kicked out due to falling over drunk, and Mattie Lynn Breaux having a total meltdown. As in, she tried to hurl herself out of a moving car as Hott Dogg sobbed beside her. Did Mattie end up abandoned on the side of the road in Florida? Guess we’ll find out next week.

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