Player Gets Played Cheater Caught in the Act in New Oxygen Series: “I Really Don’t Feel Like I Did Anything Wrong”

Maria, Emily, Brittany in Player Gets Played
Emily found out her boyfriend, Elijah, was cheating on her with two other women -- and they all confronted him on Oxygen's new Player Gets Played. Tim Brown/Oxygen

Caught in the act! Oxygen’s newest reality series, Player Gets Played, follows a group of women who discover they’re all dating the same man, then team up to confront the jerk. Think John Tucker Must Die, but in reality TV form.

Us Weekly spoke with the cheater profiled in the premiere — R&B singer Elijah, who told the three women he’d been dating — some for years — that they were exclusive (spoiler: they weren’t), and Emily, the woman who uncovered her former beau’s ruse.

“It was just a natural instinct,” Emily told Us about why she signed up for the show. “Initially, as a woman, you know how naturally you can feel a vibe of something, your intuition tells you something? I was getting little intuitive things that were making me think that something was going on.”

Player Gets Played
Elijah was caught dating three women at once on Oxygen’s new series Player Gets Played.

As you’ll see in the new series, which debuts at 9:30 p.m. ET on Wednesday, June 10, Emily banded together with fellow victims Brittany and Maria after she found out her man actually was cheating to call Elijah out on his misdeeds.

“You have your guard up a bit because you don’t know what to expect,” Emily said of meeting the other women, but “my problem was never with the women.”

You’ll have to wait until the episode airs for Elijah’s reaction to the showdown, but speaking to Us Weekly ahead of the premiere, he told us that, as “the offspring of a pastor and a doctor,” he isn’t sure he would do much differently. “I thought I set it up good so we were all in the same state but they were 45 minutes from each other!”

“To this day I really don’t feel like I did anything wrong,” he explained. After all, he’s not married. “I kind of led all three of them to believe that it was just me and them. But at the end of the day, I feel like listen, I’m an R&B singer. You know what comes with the territory.” 

In the end, Elijah knows he shouldn’t have lied. He’s learned he should “just be honest because people’s hearts and people’s feelings were real.”

But would he do it again?

“The truth is always right, but not always necessary.”

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