Ramona Singer: Aviva Drescher Is “Full of Inner Rage”

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After Ramona Singer butted heads — yet again — with Aviva Drescher on Monday's episode of Real Housewives of New York City, Singer, 55, blogs with Us Weekly about their continuing feud.

Mario's company, Classic Medallics, provided all of the ribbons and trophies for Carole's ping pong event. I was so excited to attend an event as a family! The last thing I wanted was any drama so I knew I was going to stay as far away as possible from Aviva and her dad, George. I was so shocked when George came over. Yes he said hello to Mario but he acted as if he wanted to linger. Was he looking for another confrontation? The fact that he again resorts to name calling shows me the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. I went from white trash, to trailer turd and now I'm an animal?

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It seems as if every time Aviva is in someone's company, she is constantly bashing me and name calling. I must say, never in my life, have I met someone so full of anger. I truly believe she is unhappy in her life. Happiness comes from within yourself. I know I have it and, sadly for Aviva, it seems she does not. Aviva is worse than a pitbull. She just can't move on. For someone who doesn't want to bring attention to her leg and anxieties, Aviva sure does bring it up constantly!

Sonja's idea to cover her bases by having two different looks for her toaster oven was very smart. This can be costly and time was of the essence so I really never understood why Heather was opposed to it. It's called covering your options which is done in business all the time. When Sonja left the meeting, she was told she would get tons of shots sent to her by Heather. The photographer even said he would send product shots when Sonja asked him point blank at Heather's office. Whenever you do a shoot with a model, you always take separate shots of the product alone and the model alone. All companies who are doing a photo shoot and/or campaign make sure this is done.

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 Heather did a great job helping The Kellner Foundation to raise money and awareness. Let's be clear though, this was not a fashion runway show at Lincoln Center. I go to many shows, sit front row and speak to the person next to me. This was a cocktail party of five hundred people who were all constantly talking. Sonja, just that day, was shocked when she only received two shots from her entire day shoot and no product shots. Seeing the photographer there, of course she was going to ask him where the rest of her shots were. It was shocking to hear no product shots were done. Just a week before, in Heather's office, he said he would forward them. Being there and always thinking, I suggested cropping them out to make it happen. After the entire event was over, Sonja brought up the subject again and Heather overheard. After all of Heather's hard work on that night's event, it was the wrong time to discuss it, and I understood her frazzled reaction.

It took me seven hours roundtrip to get to Carole's party. I had traveled non-stop since seven in the morning, to make my best friend's mother's funeral. Life is precious and it's fleeting. When Heather started in on me as soon as I walked in, I called uncle. I realized to develop a friendship with her I needed to step out of what was going on with the Sonja's photo shoot. I apologized sincerely and wanted to move on.

Too bad it can't be that simple with Aviva. I always taught my daughter walk away from a bully. All Aviva does is bully me and she seems crippled from the past events . . . no pun intended. I grabbed Carole's arm forcefully to show what George did to me. Did George grab me? Yes. Did it hurt me when he did? Yes, painfully so. Did I reenact accurately George's grab of my arm?

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No, I did not. But George's grasp of my arm felt like what I displayed to Carole. It was such a violation and made me so upset that I admit I was almost losing it when I was showing Carole. I was so frustrated and was reliving the moment where I felt George had violated me and I reacted to Carole with what I felt at the charity event for domestic violence and abuse.

Our group is not fractured. Only Aviva has caused problems with Sonja and me and has not been willing to let it go. Aviva, I feel, is not a happy person and is full of inner rage which has manifested itself like an ugly roaring beast. I wish Aviva no ill will and only hope that one day she can come to peace with herself.

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