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Ramona Singer to Heather Thomson: “Stop With the Huge Smile”

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Ramona Singer on June 7, 2012 in New York City.

After Ramona Singer and Heather Thomson battled it out Monday on The Real Housewives of New York City, Singer, 55, blogs with Us Weekly about her side of the fierce exchange.

I must say, even though most of the ladies went to London, I had a great time here in NYC! I had a birthday lunch with twenty five of my girlfriends. It was one of my best birthdays ever!

Mario [Singer] also took me for a very romantic dinner. We went to One If by Land, Two If by Sea, a landmark carriage house from the 1800’s.

Ramona Singer
Mario and Ramona Singer at One If by Land, Two If by Sea in New York City.

I also had a fabulous time with Aviva [Drescher] in the city and really got to know her better. I was very excited to help celebrate Aviva’s fifth year anniversary. She and Reid seem to be very happy with each other. There is a love and devotion between them that’s wonderful to witness. That is so needed for a marriage to last. It is hard to believe Mario and I are married for 20 years now. Time does fly!

I really tried my best to stay away from Heather that night. With 100 guests in attendance it was easy to do. Who knew that Mario would personally escort her over to me and then leave? To say it was awkward is an understatement.

I am who I am and I will not apologize for it. I don’t know how to play games and be fake. By fake I mean not telling the person how I really feel about them. I don’t know how to say and act opposite of how I truly feel.

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When Heather started engaging me and said she felt I was avoiding her, I couldn’t lie. I told her I had a problem with her talking behind my back. What was worse to me was, when I had confronted her with this at the clothing store, she lied and said she never said these things yet all the girls know she did and Heather knows she did. So why pretend? Why lie?

I know I talk a lot too but what was incredible to me is that Heather would go around to all the girls and say I’m not talking as much anymore, right? I’m listening to you more, right? They never did show this conversation on air. They also never showed the conversation at Aviva’s party where I said, “Heather, I gave you two pieces of advice that you followed from me:

1. I said you talk too much and don’t give other people a chance to converse with you. You changed that and kept asking the other girls had they noticed you improved.

2. I told you that you shouldn’t email personal invites through your assistant. You followed that advice also from me. Now here is my third piece of advice, stop with the huge smile. It comes across as fake and insincere. Your eyes are saying one thing and your smile doesn’t reflect what’s in your eyes.” 

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Heather wasn’t even taking in what I told her. Instead, she went around saying I hate her guts. How did me saying she has a fake smile go to me hating her? Heather not only talks a lot (like I do) but she just doesn’t listen. That has been my beef from the beginning with her. She doesn’t listen to what I am saying or give me a chance to speak and have an exchange with her.

I really did not want to have this conversation at this party. Heather was relentless. She kept following me around. Every time I said, “Not now, not here” and left her presence, she would come right after me again. No means no. Heather would just not take that in. Not everyone gets along with everyone. It is apparent at this time that Heather and I are like water and oil, we don’t mix well together.

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