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‘The Real Housewives of Dallas’ Recap: LeeAnne Locken Throws a Champagne Glass and Threatens Stephanie Hollman

Duck! The Real Housewives of Dallas‘ Monday, May 2, episode brought an array of touching themes: family, friendship, loyalty and champagne glass-throwing tantrums. How lovely. 

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LeeAnne Questions Tiffany’s Loyalty

Early in the episode, Tiffany Hendra ambitiously tried to say something nice about Brandi Redmond to archrival LeeAnne Locken while at a charity event. “I’ve seen those glimpses of a sweet girl in Brandi,” said the former model, to which LeeAnne immediately replied, “Fake.” A ticked-off LeeAnne then said in a confessional, “Tiffany’s so interested in making friends that she’s forgotten where her loyalty is.”

The Real Housewives Of Dallas
‘The Real Housewives Of Dallas’ Michael Larsen/Bravo

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Stephanie Says She Doesn’t Deserve Her Wealth

We then saw Stephanie Hollman take Brandi and a carful of both of their kids to visit Stephanie’s family in the humble town of Coweta (pronounced Kwee-duh), Oklahoma. Brandi got to see childhood photos of her small-town best friend, and we even learned about the brilliant idea of a combination liquor store and tanning salon — one of Stephanie’s favorite haunts as a teen! Hold on while we look up driving directions to Coweta! 

Stephanie, always charmingly self-aware about her privilege, told the camera, “I think my parents know that I don’t deserve half the things I have in life … I haven’t worked for them.”

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Tiffany Defends LeeAnne: “A Front That She Puts On”

After Cary Deuber took Tiffany to a yoga class and showed off some seriously contortionist-level flexibility, the duo grabbed juice — and boy, was it juicy! Tiffany started the conversation by defending her long time friend LeeAnne’s recent behavior, and revealed that she used to hate her. “I thought she was so obnoxious and ‘all about me.’ That’s a front that she puts up to protect herself because she has been hurt so much.” 

Cary then snarked, “She may have raised a lot of money, but she’s not one of the Dallas socialites. She’s not one of the old-money Dallas people.”

LeeAnne Calls Brandi a Rattlesnake … We Think?

As LeeAnne was getting ready to attend a cocktail party hosted by her friend Marie Reyes, she naively told live-in boyfriend Rich Emberlin, “I’m excited … It’s just us hanging out, chilling, having a good time.” Oh, what a difference a few hours makes! As soon as Brandi walked into the party, Tiffany cornered her and made sure the former cheerleader knew she didn’t want to be involved in Brandi’s fight with LeeAnne.

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“I wanna get to know you on my own terms,” Tiffany said to Brandi. And LeeAnne told the camera, “I think it’s cute that Tiffany wants to play with rattlesnakes. I just hope that this one’s rattle works before it bites her.” Wait, is LeeAnne the rattlesnake, or is Brandi?

Taylor Doesn’t Provide Relief

Then viewers were introduced to a random young man named Taylor who stepped in at the exact perfect, pot-stirring moment. The friend of cocktail party host Marie revealed an ironic twist in the poop-hat feud narrative when he said, “Marie had told me something about LeeAnne pooping her pants ‘cause she was so wasted!” No wonder LeeAnne was so offended by the piece of fake poop — it was a ghastly reminder of her apparent past!

LeeAnne Dumps Champagne on the Ground After Slamming Brandi for Her Poor Behavior

Finally it was time for Brandi and LeeAnne to talk it out like the mature adults that they are. Or not. Brandi started the confrontation by mocking LeeAnne’s previous comment that she was Brandi’s “elder” and should be respected as such. When LeeAnne insisted, “I don’t have a malicious bone in my body,” Brandi clapped back with, “You are so full of s–t!”

LeeAnne got so angry that she then dumped the champagne out of her glass and onto the floor, and then chucked the glass out of frame, where it presumably shattered. (Or was that just clever sound editing? We’ll never know!) 

Stephanie called out LeeAnne for her destructive outburst, saying, “That’s so classy, by the way.” LeeAnne responded, “It is classy. By the way, you know what’s classy, is that you stand up for a little piece of s–t trash who can’t keep her mouth shut.” It is classy. It is.

LeeAnne Threatens to Flush Stephanie’s Charity World Down the Toilet

LeeAnne continued with what is perhaps the gravest threat in the history of mankind, saying to Stephanie, “You know what? Your charity world is gonna go down the toilet.” Whoa. We didn’t even know that charity worlds COULD go down toilets. 

LeeAnne then stormed out of the bar, leaving a teary-eyed Stephanie and Brandi in shock. Stephanie said, “I cannot hang out with her anymore.”

Tell Us: Did LeeAnne overreact by throwing her champagne glass? Also, do you agree with Us that Taylor should be in the running for a spinoff?

The Real Housewives of Dallas airs on Bravo Mondays at 10 p.m. ET. 

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