Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion Part 2: Joe Giudice Claims He “Never” Cheated on Teresa

Teresa and Joe Giudice Peter Kramer/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank

Who was Joe Giudice talking to when he called Teresa his "bitch wife?"

On part two of the Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion special Sunday night, Joe set the record straight on the infamous phone call he made in Napa earlier this season. With his mic still on, Joe was heard calling Teresa "my bitch wife" and "c–t."

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So, who was he talking to?

"Albie. A friend of mine. A longtime friend of mine," Joe explained to host Andy Cohen. "I was taking care of things back home."

He also laughed off the rumors that he was talking to a girlfriend. "If I was talking to a girlfriend I probably would have ripped my mic off and threw it in the bushes," he said. "I basically shouldn't have said what I said to her. That word isn't even in my vocabulary. I messed up. What you gonna do."

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Teresa admitted she was "hurt" when she heard what Joe called her. "That's not even a word that he uses," Teresa said.

"It was stupid," Joe added. "I regret saying it."

"It's for better or worse. For him just saying that word I'm not going to divorce him," Teresa said. "He apologized to me. We're happy together."

Joe also joked that the comment cost him "a lot of money" because he had to buy Teresa a jewelry to make up for it.

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But fellow housewife Jacqueline Laurita wasn't buying Joe's explanation.

"He calls her those names all the time and she calls him names and then they punch each other," she said. "And now that you're going there, you told me your husband cheated on you several times. You caught him with his secretary, the babysitter . . . and you asked me what you should do because my ex-husband had cheated on me."

"You definitely have serious issues," Joe told Jacqueline. "You need to go get your head checked."

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