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Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 6 Finale Recap: Teresa vs. Teresa Showdown!

Real Housewives of New Jersey season 6 cast
Teresa Aprea gets heated with Teresa Giudice during the Real Housewives of New Jersey season 6 finale; Plus, Jacqueline Laurita reacts to Giudice's prison sentencing in flash forward -- read Us Weekly's recap 

Teresa Giudice set the bar high for season finales when she flipped a table way back when in 2009. Subsequent conclusions, though never quite as shocking, always had an element of drama: screaming matches, accusations, tears. At the outset of the season 6 denouement, twins Teresa Aprea and Nicole Napolitano seem poised to carry on that tradition.

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With Dina Manzo's Project Ladybug charity fashion show just hours away, the twins still have not cleared the air with Teresa G. (Quick recap: Teresa G.'s pal, Victoria Gotti revealed to the cookbook author and Amber Marchese that Teresa Aprea's husband Rino once told Victoria that he slept with Teresa Aprea's mom. Then Teresa Giudice told Dina the rumor, and word got back to the twins  via Amber's husband Jim  that everyone knew about the rumor. Got all that?) So while going over final preparations for the event with Dina, the twins make sure Victoria is not invited. Teresa A. then says for the umpteenth time "I deserve an apology." She also takes a cheap shot at the Giudices' well-known legal problems saying, "Teresa, you just s–t all over my family. I would never do that to you. That's why yours is getting destroyed now. Karma's a bitch."

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Though Teresa A. is riled up, Amber has mellowed out. After Jim caused a ruckus in Boca Raton, Amber decides to go to the party solo and not risk round 2 of Jim versus the twins. "We don't want to cause trouble," Amber explains. Since when?

As the women all get ready for the bash  held at the twins' friend's mansion  Melissa Gorga worries that the upcoming party could be "a ticking time bomb." Teresa G., meanwhile, has a moment of clarity, questioning why the twins haven't reached out before the party. "[Teresa A.] had two weeks to call me," says Teresa G., who wonders if Teresa A. just wants an "audience." (Not to mention Bravo cameras!) Dina tells her BFF she wants no drama: "If anything happens from here on in, whoever starts it will lose a friend."

When the party starts, Amber grabs Rino to chat about her role in the drama. "I like to forgive and forget and move on," Amber explains as she and Rino literally kiss and make up.

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The twins, however, seem like they're looking for a fight. "I think we need to talk," Teresa A. says to Teresa G., as Melissa and Nicole look on. Teresa A. says Teresa G. should feel "ashamed" for repeating that rumor. But Teresa G. doesn't back down, trying to explain that neither she nor Victoria were gossiping. Teresa A. continues to try to bait a cool and calm Teresa G., calling Victoria Gotti "trash" and an "animal." Still calm, Teresa G. cuts her off and says "she's my friend." (Old Teresa would have flipped a table at this point and screamed "prostitution whore.")

When Teresa G. points out that Rino himself started the rumor since he told Victoria Gotti in the first place, Nicole jumps in and snaps, "Teresa are you that stupid?" Uh-oh. Remember what happened when Danielle Staub told Teresa G. to "pay attention, puh-leez"? Except this time, Teresa keeps her cool and replies simply, "I'm not stupid." That's all you got, Teresa?

Pretty much. The two Teresas hug it out with Teresa G. telling the twins, "I like you girls a lot… I wasn't trying to hurt you."

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And with that, season 6 almost has a happy ending. Instead, the show flashes forward several months to October 2, when Joe and Teresa Giudice are sentenced to 41 months and 15 months in federal prison, respectively. "I feel like it's not real," says Jacqueline Laurita, who, along with husband Chris, watches the news with Teresa's cousins, Kathy Wakile and Rosie Pierri.

While Jacqueline sobs, Nicole, who hears the news at home with boyfriend Bobby Ciasulli, isn't so sympathetic. "You don't mess with the legal system," she says. "Choices you make in life, there are consequences."

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