‘Revenge Body’ Premiere Recap: Khloe Kardashian Enlists Kylie Jenner to Help People Lose Weight

Work it! On the Thursday, January 12, premiere of Revenge Body, Khloé Kardashian introduced Us to two people looking to beef up their bodies and improve their lives.

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Vengeance Is Theirs

Revenge Body is finally here! Khloé started off the episode by explaining the concept of her latest show, which follows contestants as they work out with top trainers, eat nutritionist-designed meals and get made over by top beauty professionals in the hope, after 12 weeks on the program, of getting revenge on someone who’s hurt them.

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“It’s not about a weight number,” the Good American entrepreneur said. “It’s about how you feel.”

Will Will or Won’t Will?

The first contestant was Will, who turned out to be a huge fan of the Kardashian family’s resident fitness freak! He is a gay man from a small town who was recently told by his boyfriend that he was no longer attractive. That caused them to break up, and to cope, Will began to eat more and more.

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“I don’t like what I see. I see, like, a fat, lonely person,” he revealed to the camera emotionally before sharing that his end goal is for his ex, Kyle, to “look at the hard work” and realize that it had all been for him. (That doesn’t sound like “revenge” to Us, but we’ll allow it.)

“In the gay community, I’m a bear right now, but my goal is to be a muscle cub!” he said. He explained that a bear is a husky, hairy guy, while a cub is “a thick dude, but, like, stacked.” To help him achieve that goal, Khloé called in her own trainer, Gunnar Peterson.

After a rough workout, Will learned that his body fat is at 36.7 percent, so he set to work on his nutrition plan. Too bad he almost immediately violated his nutritionist’s rules by drinking, as he got drunk and then missed his next session with Gunnar due to his hangover.

Get Off Your Duff!

Next up was Stephanie Perez, who described the Strong Looks Better Naked author as her idol, and herself as the “Designated Ugly Fat Friend” (or DUFF) of her own squad.

“I see a lot of imperfections in myself,” Stephanie said as we saw footage of her beautiful friends partying as she sat alone. She then revealed she wants revenge on her friend Miranda, who has said terrible things for years about how Stephanie looks.

Khloé paired her with trainer Luke Milton, whose high-energy group workouts were chosen to improve the contestant’s social skills. He told the camera he wanted to make sure Stephanie’s experience didn’t let her down.

“I’ve never had a support system like that,” admitted the girl who had never felt like she fit in before.

Revenge Is a Drink Best Served Cold

When Will showed up to his next session with Gunnar, he got a lecture.

“You want to be muscle cub, not muscle blub!” Gunnar said. When Will tried to explain that he’d gotten drunk after learning that Kyle moved on to a new guy, Gunnar said, “If I told you I cared, that would be a lie. … You need to do this for you.”

Will got emotional, saying he just realized he needed to stop trying to get revenge on Kyle and start making a positive change for himself. Then, they got to work!

Revenge Body with Khloe Kardashian – Season 1 Nicole Weingart/E! Entertainment

About Face

Stephanie wasn’t just working on her body, but she was working on her face, too. She had bad acne that she thought was holding her back, so Khloé sent her to Christie Kidd, the woman responsible for Kendall and Kylie Jenner’s flawless complexions, among many others. After a few shots and a liquid nitrogen treatment — both of which made Us sort of nervous! — she was ready to go work out again.

After eight weeks, she checked back in. “I feel like I’m really pretty, and it’s really cool,” Stephanie gushed in a confessional.

Big Reveal Time!

After 12 weeks, with Stephanie down nearly 30 pounds, and Will starting to see muscle definition, it was time for them to get their big makeovers and then get their revenge on the people who hurt them most!

Stephanie got over her fear of bikinis and donned a two-piece for the event, which was a pool party in Hollywood! Before she made her appearance, she met with beauty gurus Jen Atkin, Britney Tokyo and Ashley Holm. Jen even played her a video of Kylie wishing her luck and giving her a Lip Kit gift box!

When she walked out, everyone was shocked. She made a beeline for Miranda and confronted her for the years of cruelty. Miranda admitted that her comments had come from “immaturity” and apologized, so they decided to be friends again.

Last but not least, Luke gave her a lifetime membership to his gym.

Will threw a rooftop party for his reveal, but he was nervous that his ex wouldn’t show. He even admitted, “I can’t believe I want to cry. That’s weird.”

Guess what? Kyle never showed, but his mom did, which he said meant the world to him. During the credits, a text screen revealed that after the show ended, he lost more weight and started dating a new guy … who used to date Kyle! Get ’em, Will!

Tell Us: Are you impressed by the transformations on the premiere episode?

Revenge Body With Khloé Kardashian airs on E! Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET.

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