‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’ Recap: Dolores Calls Danielle a ‘Pathological Liar’ and ‘Delusional’

Dolores Catania Real Housewives of New Jersey
Dolores Catania on 'Real Housewives of New Jersey.' 

Relationships are hard — just ask The Real Housewives of New Jersey. On the November 15 episode, all of the women seemed to be struggling to make amends and possibly move on from their various arguments.

Margaret Josephs went wallpaper shopping with her husband. As she told him about her issues with Siggy Flicker and Dolores Catania, she broke down in tears at the mere mention of her children. “My kids don’t speak to me because I cheated on their dad with Joe,” she admitted to the camera. “I missed a whole piece of their lives that I can never get back.”

Dolores Tells Teresa Joe Cheated on Her… Not

Meanwhile, Dolores and Teresa Giudice then met up to hash out their issues. Dolores said she thought Danielle Staub was “on medication for being crazy,” adding that she was “pathological.” Teresa told Dolores she didn’t feel like Dolores had her back, but Dolores said she felt the same way about her. The conversation then turned to Dolores’ relationship with Frank.

Dolores then added that she left Frank when he cheated on her and she couldn’t stay with a man like Teresa did. “You stuck it out,” she said. Teresa then asked, point-blank, if Dolores was implying that her husband, Joe Giudice, cheated on her. Dolores said that’s not what she meant. (Right.) “We’re too good of friends for this to go on as long as it’s been going on,” Dolores added. Teresa agreed and they seemingly buried the hatchet … for now.

Teresa Giudice Real Housewives of New Jersey
Teresa Giudice on ‘Real Housewives of New Jersey.’

Stormy Skies Ahead for Siggy’s Retreat

In an attempt to do a practice run for her upcoming expansion into retreats, Siggy Flicker decided to host a weekend getaway just for her friends. As she discussed it with Dolores, Dolores agreed that she would give Danielle a second shot and offer an olive branch. So, err, what could go wrong?

In another part of town, Melissa and Margaret met for a ladies’ lunch and Melissa. Melissa jumped right in to ask for advice about how to differentiate her boutique from all of the others in the area and Margaret was happy to oblige. Next up for discussion was Siggy’s behavior toward them. They then both realized they’d been invited to Siggy’s “Women’s Empowerment” retreat. Margaret said she hoped Siggy didn’t just cry the whole time.

The Retreat Begins

While making her opening remarks, she directly addressed Margaret. Siggy admitted the reason she got so upset about being called “Soggy Flicker” was because as a child she was bullied about her name. Margaret then understood the context of Siggy’s (dramatic!) reaction and actually said if she had known that, she never would have made the comment. Siggy then revealed that Margaret would be rooming with her.

After opening remarks, Teresa caught up with Danielle and told her that if she had to pick between Danielle and Dolores, she would pick Dolores. To the camera, Teresa said she knew Danielle had been a “s–t stirrer” in the past, but since she’d come back into the circle, she had really had Teresa’s back.

Dolores Catania Danielle Staub
Dolores Catania and Danielle Staub. Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images (2)

Dinner Time

Danielle, Siggy, Teresa, Margaret, Dolores and and Siggy’s business partner all met for dinner after the first day of the seminar had ended. Danielle wasted no time before confronting Dolores to ask if she had said that she thought Danielle was on some type of meds. “Are you?” Dolores asked (which wasn’t really a confirmation or a denial.) “No,” Danielle replied, looking stunned by the accusation.

Melissa said she thought that accusing Danielle of having a drug problem was “below the belt.” “She has every trait of being a pathological liar and quite frankly, somebody who, the elevator doesn’t reach the top. She’s crazy,” Dolores added to the camera with a shrug. Dolores then decided instead of be crazy, maybe she was just delusional. Danielle said that was “rude.”

Siggy thought the whole thing was getting a little out of hand, but Dolores honestly didn’t seem to care. The next morning she had about the same amount of remorse as she’d had the night before (a.k.a. not any).

Group Activities Might Not Be a Good Idea

Siggy started the next day with an activity designed for people who still had issues to confront each other. First up were Siggy and Margaret. Margaret kicked off their “make up” session by doing a pretty spot-on (if a bit dramatic) impression of Siggy during the great cake-gate. As she pretty much mocked Siggy – who, as a quick reminder, was also the host of the event – the rest of the ladies knew this was not going to end well.

Tell Us: Do you think Dolores went too far in accusing Danielle of a drug problem?

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