Sexy or scary costumes for Halloween? ‘Fun Size’ stars Victoria Justice and Jane Levy weigh in

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The new Halloween-themed movie "Fun Size" features a very controversial subject: whether the ladies should select a costume that's sexy or scary? The movie's stars Victoria Justice, 19, and Jane Levy, 22, tell omg! that they actually prefer … neither. "I tend to go for the more creative [looks]," Justice reveals in an interview with omg!. "I love it when people make their own costumes." This year, the "Victorious" actress says she's thinking about being Cher.

Her "Fun Size" co-star Levy, who fans will recognize from the ABC sitcom "Suburgatory," is also leaning toward the not-so-sexy camp. "I would rather be comfortable eating Snickers bars, so I'm probably not going to be a person dressed up like that, but in the movie, it was fun," says Levy, who took the sexy route in the new comedy. "I was thinking I could do ['The X-Files' Agent] Dana Scully, or I might even try to be the universe. Maybe that's a little too cerebral or something? You could just wear a black suit and put planets and stars on it, and then make your face the sun and the moon or something."

As kids, both Justice and Levy had some pretty crafty costumes, thanks to the females in their families. Justice says her grandmother once made her a Dorothy ensemble like the one she wears for most of "Fun Size." Then, she says, in middle school, she went dressed up as a ketchup bottle one year. "[That] was fun because all my friends were dressed up like sexy '80s dancers and I was … a ketchup bottle."

Levy says her mom was in charge of creating her Halloween wardrobe. "I was a bumble bee, and of course I was Snow White, and Cinderella. I was a ballerina with flowers all over me, and Queen Amidala [from 'Star Wars']. I was a ghost. My brother's costumes, I think, were funnier. Somehow my mom thought it was appropriate and funny to allow my 7-year-old brother to be the Unabomber for Halloween. She made him a TV once, and it was really cool."

In their new flick, Justice and Levy find themselves in the middle of a wild Halloween night. Wren, played by Justice, is a high school student whose best friend April (Levy) and a few others spend October 31st looking for Wren's mischievous little brother, who she's supposed to be babysitting. Comedian Chelsea Handler plays Wren's mom, and "Jackass" star Johnny Knoxville plays the movie's villain. Wren and her friends find themselves causing pandemonium at a fried chicken restaurant and crashing a big party with all the popular kids, among other adventures.

In real life, Justice and Levy both say they plan to spend the spooky season eating their shared favorite candy (sour gummy worms) and curling up with their fave flicks. Levy prefers "Halloween" and "Silence of the Lambs," while Justice's picks are "The Exorcist" and "The Ring." No "Hocus Pocus" here! As Justice admits, she likes scary movies that are almost too scary. "I can't watch them before I go to bed, because I won't be able to sleep! I'll crawl into my sister's room or I'll have my mom come and tell me a story," she jokes. "Thankfully, I don't live by myself, so I can always call my mom from the downstairs."

Levy recently acted in one of those heart-pounding horror stories, playing the main character in next year's remake of "Evil Dead." And it sounds like watching scary movies is a lot more fun than making them! "It was the worst thing in the world! Seriously, I'm not even kidding," Levy confesses. "I thought it was going to be really fun, and it was interesting, I learned a lot, but then after week one, you get tired of hours of prosthetics, and being tortured and being buried alive isn't so fun anymore." Levy says that she even had to projectile vomit! "But I think the movie might be cool, so that's worth it."

The projectile vomiting comes next year. This Halloween, Levy can be seen wearing a sexy cat costume in "Fun Size," her movie with Justice, which comes out October 26.

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