Steph Curry, Magic Johnson, Shaq Read Hilarious NBA Mean Tweets: Watch!

Excuse Us while we try to stop laughing! Jimmy Kimmel Live's "Mean Tweets" was back on Thursday, June 2, and to honor the NBA finals taking place in Oakland, California, it was a clip literally dripping with basketball legends.

Stars such as Stephen Curry, Magic Johnson and Shaquille O'Neal took time out before the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers went head-to-head in the sporting event of the season, to read out some of the nastiest things online trolls had been writing about them — and the results were pretty funny.

Proving themselves to be awesome sports, the basketball players read out their tweets and reacted to what they said (sometimes with shock, but usually by laughing). And although we know it's wrong, we have to admit, some of the mean tweets made Us literally LOL!

"Does anyone know what Blake Griffin is? Did Morgan Freeman and carrot top impregnate an amazon or what happened….," asked one mean tweeter.

"Pretty sure Reggie Miller's ears provide WiFi," suggested another. Miller was happy to test out the suggestion.

The fourth NBA Mean Tweets edition is full of laughs (and NBA stars)! Jimmy Kimmel Live!

"Magic Johnson looks like a bald, black, john travolta," another tweeter offered, while "Shaq is a fat ass old man!"

"Who your mother loves very dearly," O’Neal replied, cool as anything.

"I just had a fart that sounded exactly like Dikembe Mutombo speaking in his native tongue," read out Mutombo (his reaction was awesome!).

And finally, Curry had his turn: "Have you ever been downloading something online and halfway through it just froze and couldn't go anywhere? Think Steph Curry's puberty."

See how the NBA legend responded in the video above.

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