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‘Supernatural’ Stars and Producers Reveal Five Season 12 Spoilers: Sam’s Fate, Rick Springfield, More!

Look out! When Supernatural left off in season 11, Sam Winchester (Jared Padalecki) was shot, and promos revealed that after being kidnapped, things aren’t looking so great for him! His brother, Dean (Jensen Ackles), and mom, Mary (Samantha Smith), will definitely be looking for him in season 12, but plenty else will be going on too. Read on to find out what you can expect from the new batch of episodes, launching on the CW Thursday, October 13!

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Mary Isn’t Going Anywhere!

Now that Mary Winchester is back in her sons’ lives, they’ve got a lot of catching up to do, so expect much of season 12 to feature their budding relationship. Whether or not her presence helps or harms the boys, however, remains to be seen. Will she be used as a pawn against them? Will she — a former hunter herself — protect or advise them in some way?

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Ackles told the crowd at the show’s San Diego Comic Con panel in July that the mother-son dynamic is “something we haven’t ever seen.” He continued, “The interesting thing is, when Mom left, Sam was a baby, and Dean was a child. The children that she knew are now men, so the relationship was nonexistent. It’s going to be an interesting situation of them trying to bridge that massive gap that occurred over the past 30-odd years. It also brings into question, ‘How is she going to plug herself into their lives? Is that going to leave the brothers vulnerable?’”

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Don’t Worry: Sam’s Not Dead

We know he was unexpectedly shot by the Men of Letters’ Lady Toni (Elizabeth Blackmore) during last season’s finale, but trust Us: Sam Winchester is OK.

At Comic Con, Padalecki quipped that of course his character survived because “he’s not a Lose-chester.”

Get it? Lose-chester? Winchester? Good stuff, Padalecki!

We Know the Villains …

During the same event, executive producer Bob Singer said, “We’ve still got Lucifer out there, so there’s a hunt for Lucifer …”

Gunning for Lucifer is nothing new on Supernatural, but it definitely looks like it will be a very big part of the show this season. Misha Collins, who plays Castiel, mentioned the foe too when he said, “Cas is back to a little bit of Cas from season 4: He’s angry, and he’s in a fighting spirit. He’s after Lucifer.”

Oh, and the boys are fighting Hitler in episode 5, according to a recent trailer, so there’s that!

… Or Do We?

Are Lucifer and Hitler the only bad guys? Well, we don’t really know! Sam was shot by someone representing the British Men of Letters, but so far, there are no clues about whether they’re really all bad.

Padalecki revealed, “We’ll learn more about what [Lady Toni] wants and what [the Men of Letters] want. Obviously she and Sam didn’t start out on the right foot … but we don’t know why or what happens.”

A Star Guest-Stars as a Star

Lucifer is a bad guy, sure, but he is doing one good thing for fans this season: One of the vessels he’s choosing to inhabit will be played by Rick Springfield, which is definitely going to be fun. Executive producer Andrew Dabb told TV Line that Springfield will be playing a rock star named Vince Vincente who just happens to get used by the devil himself after Lucifer realizes that God is right about one thing: Being worshiped is fun!

Tell Us: What will be Mary’s role in season 12?

Supernatural airs on the CW Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET.

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