Susan Sarandon Praises Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp for Not Getting by on Their ‘Good Looks’

Susan Sarandon Praises Brad Pitt Not Getting By Good Looks
Susan Sarandon and Brad Pitt. Shutterstock (2)

Susan Sarandon knew early on that Brad Pitt was one to watch when they costarred together in 1991’s Thelma & Louise.

Pitt, 57, played J.D. in the iconic film, a drifter who gets entangled with Geena Davis’ Thelma as she and best friend Louise (Sarandon) are on the run from police after Louise shoots and kills a man.

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“I think he’s great — it was clear to me when I saw the film, certainly when we worked together in the convertible. Although I did not have the intimacy that Geena had,” Sarandon, 74, exclusively told Us Weekly while raising awareness for a Power to the Patients PSA. “It was clear that he was fun and relaxed and inventive. But when I saw the film, there was so much more that he brought to the film with that character that really wasn’t in the script. That’s when I looked and I thought this guy’s a character actor. He’s acting. When you’re that good looking, you really don’t have to do much. … He really played a character. He didn’t try to get by on his good looks.”

Susan Sarandon Praises Brad Pitt Not Getting By Good Looks
Susan Sarandon and Brad Pitt in ‘Thelma & Louise’. MGM/Pathe/Kobal/Shutterstock (2)

The Oscar winner paid the same compliment to Johnny Depp, who has played a multitude of eccentric characters such as the title role in Edward Scissorhands to Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise to Willy Wonka in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

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“Johnny Depp I think has gotten deep into characters, maybe too deep,” Sarandon told Us, laughing. “He’s one that could have just gotten by with looks. And I really admire people who [don’t], because as a character actor, you’ll work a lot longer and have a more interesting body of work than just being the handsome guy, you know? So he’s done an amazing [job]. He’s been very brave with his choices and has played on sympathetic characters. And I think he’s great. I really love him.”

Of course, the Feud: Bette and Joan actress’ own body of work speaks for itself. Although, she revealed there have been some parts she didn’t land over the years.

Johnny Depp Susan Sarandon Praises Brad Pitt Not Getting By Good Looks
Johnny Depp. POOL MONACO/SIPA/Shutterstock

“There were roles that turned me down that I would like to have been able to do. But there were maybe some that didn’t turn out as great as I felt they could have,” she explained. “Sometimes the studios didn’t really get behind it. Like White Palace, or Anywhere But Here with Natalie Portman. They were doing Fight Club at the same time and they just kind of let it go. Or the one I did for the Duplass Brothers that I really, really liked. I’ve had those disappointments where sometimes there’s a coup at the studio, and by the time the film is ready, they’re all new people. And they just couldn’t care less about what the last regime had or they’re putting all their money on something else. And so they decide just to kind of dump it.”

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Luckily, audiences have more options today to watch just about anything and everything.

“Now, of course, you could find everything. I think during the pandemic I had a lot of people that were seeing things that they’ve missed before because they were finding them online. And I did a film called Blackbird, which everybody now has seen on planes. It never really was released in this country. It was released in other countries, but not really here,” Sarandon told Us. “So I think that’s more likely what happens than that I turned down something that’s turned out to be amazing.”

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