Teen Country Singer Madison Cain: Pal Taylor Swift Is “Such an Inspiration to Me”


Journey definitely has their foothold in rock history — and, as things go, they've got it in the future, too. The group's keyboardist and songwriter Jonathan Cain's 16-year-old daughter, Madison, is now making her way into the music world with her own sweet country sound after moving to Nashville with her proud 'rents. UsMagazine.com recently got to know her so one day you can say you read it here first!

UsMagazine.com: You're having a very exciting year. What was it like attending the CMT Awards?

Madison Cain: That was pretty crazy, I had never been on a red carpet before, and I was just so nervous because I am the queen of falling. It doesn't matter, I'm just always the one to fall, and I had these really tall shoes on. I was so nervous to walk. But it was really fun once I got past being nervous.

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Us: Who did you love seeing there and catching up with?

MC: It's always so fun to go backstage and see who's who when they walk in. I saw Kara DioGuardi from American Idol –she's written so many amazing songs and is a real inspiration to me. It was an amazing show and I'm a huge Carrie Underwood fan, and she rocked it. Miranda Lambert was amazing, too. Total girl power.

Us: Did you see your friend Taylor Swift there?

MC: I did, she looked gorgeous! Taylor's just such an inspiration to me, I feel like she embraces who she is, and doesn't try to be anyone she's not. She's revolutionized the world of country music and brought in an entire generation of fans. Taylor has made it acceptable for young people to want to pursue a career in country music. I just have so much respect for her, and can only hope to have a fraction of the success that she has.

Us: Are you finding starting a career easier since you're living in Nashville?

MC: I actually moved to Nashville only a year ago, I'm from Northern California, a little town called Novato, and we went back and forth to Nashville since I was 8, because it was always the place that my parents considered moving to since it was Music City. My parents fell in love with Nashville and they took us there. Music City is just such an amazing place because it's such a melting pot of people. There's always live music, and I love everything about being 16, but the problem is it's so hard to get in to see certain bands [since I'm not yet 18]. I have to drag my dad or my mom with me, which isn't the easiest thing sometimes.

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Us: When you told your dad you wanted to get into this profession, what did he say?

MC: Being in the music business, [you face] a lot of rejection. It was hard for him to initially see that, and go through that crying and everything. He was like, 'Are you sure you don't want to be a lawyer?' But I pushed and pushed and he saw how driven I was. My parents are one hundred percent behind me and they totally believe in me. I'm just so grateful to have them.

Being under 16, it's really hard to find certain gigs because you can't play in bars, so I do a bunch of benefit gigs, which I really enjoy. I have had opportunities to do really great gigs supporting great causes, so it's really rewarding.

Us: Your dad's band has had quite the success with their hit, "Don't Stop Believin'" being featured on Glee.

MC: What Glee's done is so amazing. Not only do we love the show — we DVR it every week and you have to be dead quiet while we're watching the show — but we had a Glee finale party and my mom made tacos and everyone came over. To see Journey's music on there and the new light and new fans the show brought to it is just amazing.

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Us: Who knew your friends would relate to your dad's music so many years after its release!

MC: It's so funny! I was at a school dance, and there's all this rap music playing and everything, then all of a sudden Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'" came on and the place just goes crazy. It cracks me up, I think it's so funny. My dad says that song's like, a little train, a little engine that keeps on going and going.

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