The Bachelor Season 19, Episode 5 Recap: A Second Chance at Love? Not So Much

Chris Soules
Chris Soules continues his quest for love in the fifth episode of The Bachelor's 19th season. David Moir/ABC via Getty Images

Another week, another plot twist! It wouldn’t be The Bachelor without at least one desperate plea for a second chance. And this season, we’re already at two! On this week’s episode of ABC’s romantic reality show, the 11 remaining competitors for Chris Soules‘ heart start to cave in to the pressure — and season 19’s villain finally shows her horns. Chris and the bachelorettes head to Santa Fe, New Mexico, to continue on the road to love. (“I’m so excited, I’ve never been out of the country,” adds Megan.)

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 First One-On-One: The Love Guru

Cruise ship singer Carly is awarded the episode’s first one-on-one date, excited for what could be “the best day of [her] life.” Instead, Chris has arranged for a love and intimacy counselor to take them through some overtly sexual exercises. After feeding Chris chocolate-covered strawberries, Carly says “uncle” when the guided striptease begins. “This is the worst date of my life,” she complains. But the experience does inspire her to open up to Chris, sharing her lack of intimacy in previous relationships, while Chris admits his fear that he’s not good enough for the women. After a little makeout sesh, he awards the rose to Carly, whom he dubs total wife material. 

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Group Date: Sold Down the River

Chris continues to keep the girls active this week, taking Jade, Megan, Kaitlyn, Whitney, Mackenzie, Becca, Samantha, Ashley I., and Kelsey white-water rafting. The ride goes fairly smoothly, except for frontrunner Jade, who falls into the water (her tumble is rewarded with a massage from Chris, though).

Things don’t truly get interesting until the cocktail portion of the evening, however. Jordan makes a reappearance, hoping for a second chance after being eliminated during episode two. Just to jog your memory, Jordan was vying for the “drunkest girl at the party” title during her brief stint at the mansion. Chris opts to give her a second chance — but the other ladies doth protest. After every other woman advises Chris to send her home, he does just that. Whitney wins the rose for handling the situation with grace – even defending Jordan against Ashley I.’s suggestion that the girls should be “mean” to her.

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Chris Soules and Britt
Chris and Britt enjoy a hot air balloon ride during their one-on-one date ABC/Lewis Jacobs

Second One-On-One: Hygiene and Hot Air

Biggest takeaway from Chris’ one-on-one date with Britt? She really doesn’t shower. If Britt’s what not showering looks like — maybe we should all abstain for a little while! Britt, who’s supposedly afraid of heights, enjoys an early morning scenic hot air balloon ride with Chris and then returns to his hotel room for some actual one-on-one time. After a heavy makeout session, Chris shuts out the cameras and he and Britt enjoy a “nap.” Needless to say, Britt exits Prince Farming’s suite rose in hand.

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The Rose Ceremony: Storytellers

Before the women even have a chance to compete for alone time with the Bachelor, Kelsey usurps the process and heads straight for Chris’ hotel room, where she shares the story of her late husband. (“Isn’t my story amazing?!” she says.) When the Bachelor opts to skip the cocktail party, Kelsey is noticeably confident while the other women panic. “Kelsey was probably going home tonight, and she went to Chris’ room, and she told him a story and now someone else is probably going home,” summarizes Carly. Kelsey isn’t going to give up an opportunity for more alone time with Chris, however, and collapses suddenly into a “nervous breakdown” on the hotel floor. As an EMT tends to the weeping guidance counselor, the other girls look on in a combination of annoyance and shock. To be continued? We can’t wait.

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