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‘The Bachelorette’ Recap: JoJo Fletcher Learns About Jordan Rodgers’ Brother Aaron, Leaves Rose Ceremony to Sob

Look, at this point there’s nothing more dramatic than Taylor Swift’s feud with Kim Kardashian, but The Bachelorette is certainly trying to deliver. JoJo Fletcher went on hometown dates during the Monday, July 18, episode, and let’s just say she ended the episode sobbing on the floor in an empty airplane hangar — that’s how intense things were. Keep reading to find out what happened — plus, a shocking update about Robby‘s ex-girlfriend and some dirt on Aaron Rodgers. You know, that famous dude who is not even on this show, but has somehow become a central character? Him.

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Chase Finally Dishes His Feels, Proves He’s Not a Robot

Welcome to Castle Rock, Colorado! JoJo had a fabulous time traipsing around Chase‘s snowy hometown, and even got a chance to see his house! Which was totally normal, except for the mysterious stuffed lion on display which was literally never explained. Of course, we should point out that Chase comes from a broken home and as a result has lots of #emotionalwalls up. So many emotional walls that we’re thinking the song “Wonderwall” may have been written about him.

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Anyway, Chase’s emo problems aside, JoJo had a great time bonding with his blended family and learned a lot of valuable lessons about how divorce can have an impact on very handsome men. Plus, Chase dropped the L-word, gently musing, “I’m falling in love with you.” 

OMG so cute! If it weren’t for the fact that JoJo is dating three other men!

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Update: Aaron Rodgers Continues to Serve Phantom Drama

You know when you grow up with everyone thinking you’re benefiting from being Aaron Rodgers’ little brother, but you totally aren’t, and you just want the world to leave you alone, sob?! Jordan Rodgers totally gets you. This guy had a great date with JoJo in his hometown of Chico, California, but after a morning spent making out in a high school library, the day was basically devoted to #AaronDrama. Like, where is Aaron? Who is Aaron? WHAT is Aaron? All we know for sure is that something very mysterious went down in the Rodgers family, and now no one speaks to the famous prodigal son. “It’s something we don’t, like, really like to talk about a whole lot,” Jordan’s other brother told JoJo. “We are trusting that God brings things full circle.”

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Cool, meanwhile we’re trusting that someone will explain what the heck is happening by the end of this season. Anyway, what was clear is that Jordan doesn’t appreciate people comparing him to his famous brother, which JoJo was totally on board with. “He is nobody’s brother,” she told cameras. “He is a man that I am falling in love with, and I am crazy about.”

Jordan and JoJo seem to have a deep connection, but their date ended somewhat awkwardly when JoJo questioned whether or not he’d commit to their relationship for the long haul. And yep, he was annoyed. “I thought we were past it,” he said. “I wouldn’t get engaged with the thought, ‘OK, let’s try this out.'”

Jordan Rogers and Jojo Fletcher
Jordan Rogers and JoJo Fletcher ABC/Carl Costas

Robby’s Ex-Girlfriend Comes Back to Haunt Him

Robby and JoJo had the greatest date in Saint Augustine, Florida! You know, until Robby’s mom announced that everyone in town thinks he ditched his ex-girlfriend for The Bachelorette. But fear not: While JoJo was initially upset about Robby’s ex’s roommate spreading lies, she eventually decided to trust her man — especially after he said this: “My relationship with Hope, who is my ex, was over nine months before it actually ended. … We had a blow-out fight, and she slapped me. Haven’t talked since then. The relationship is over, and I will never speak to her again, period.”

JoJo seemed to buy it (she even told Mama Robby she was “falling in love!”), but meh … we get the feeling these two aren’t endgame.

Luke Makes a Potentially Relationship-Ending Mistake

OK, fine, the above headline is somewhat dramatic, but Luke‘s date might be responsible for him getting kicked out of JoJo’s love squad. The thing is, after a truly fabulous day spent with over 50 friends and family, and an even more fabulous night spent with tender musings and happy tears, Luke failed to say, “I love you.” Sure, he took JoJo to a field and was all, “My heart is yours,” and yeah, a bunch of cute ponies were involved — but Luke is the only man thus far who hasn’t declared his love. And guys? It looks like he might be going home …

JoJo Has Epic Meltdown in Airplane Hangar

This week’s rose ceremony took place at a super-romantic airplane hangar (you’ve really outdone yourself this time, Chris Harrison!), and JoJo went into it wanting to kick Luke to the curb. However, the man in question interrupted JoJo before she could reject him, and declared his love during a private conversation. Unfortunately, this sent her into an anxiety spiral, and she ended the episode crying on the ground in an empty parking lot. To quote: “I feel, like, out of control right now, like, I can’t even control my emotions. UGH!” 

So, pretty much a typical Friday night for most of us.

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The Bachelorette airs on ABC Monday and Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET next week.

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