The Black Eyed Peas Talk 2011 Plans!

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After a frenzied, non-stop run since they released their megasmash album The E.N.D. in 2009, including tours, collaborations and a stop to play the Superbowl Halftime Show (OK, we can skip over that one), there is a real end in sight for the Black Eyed Peas! The hip-hop supergroup stopped to chat only with when they played the Volkswagen 21st Century Beetle and MTV World Stage in NYC on Monday night.

Among other things (like frontman's stint as a mentor on American Idol), they discussed finishing up their current tour in Europe, the royal wedding and finally getting some family downtime. You're gearing up for your European tour now, correct?

Fergie: Yep, we can't wait!
Us: While you're in Europe are you going to get in on the royal wedding action at all?

Fergie: I'll have to set my DVR, but we don't usually watch the royals – I just take their names! Things are coming full circle for us — we started off at clubs together, and now we’re going to arenas, to foreign countries, to stadiums, and having all the bells and whistles. We're even flying across the stage! But we always love to come back to New York in this fun and intimate setting. It's great for us! Yeah, it's always great to perform in New York! New York is a good place to come out and have a good time. We actually performed "Just Can't Get Enough" in New York for the first time. It's just a raw energy.
Us: You have some huge arena shows coming up, but can you talk to me about your group plans for this year?
Fergie: We're immediately heading to Europe, and staying for three nights, which is good for us because finally we can go sell that. Then, we're doing the European festivals which are our favorite thing to do because you get to see other bands' shows and rap with other artists and musicians you've never met. The festivals have a great vibe. We're going to start kicking new material as well — getting it and seeing how we're going to perform it.
Us: When you say new material, does that mean you're already working on a new Black Eyed Peas album?
Fergie: We're still talking about it. There are negotiations going as we speak. The record is in the beginning stages. We're at the point of time where we're at the beginning of this tour as far as the vision, where we’re going and who we're touring with. But the train is moving! It's not moving so fast that people can't hop on it though.
Us: With you're upcoming tour, what else can we expect from you guys this year, either as a group or personally?

Taboo: On May 3rd, my wife is due to give birth to our next baby, Journey. That will be the grand finale. It’s a wrap after that! The pregnancy has been pretty hard on my wife so she was like 'you know what? This is pretty much it.' He’ll be our third son. Besides that, I've got the Jump shoe line and I'll be doing my book tour soon for my book, Fallin' Up: My Story.

Us: What are your kids up to these days?

Taboo: Josh is 17 and doing great things. It's possible that he'll be doing some big internships. He's interested in the industry too, and it'll be cool to see what he does next. J-man is going to be two-years-old, so we're reaching the ‘terrible twos’ there. He's a good kid though, so maybe we’ll avoid it!

Us: What about you, Fergie? have you and Josh talked about having kids soon?

Fergie: Everyone always wants me pregnant, but nope, nope. No plans for that right now. What I’m focused on right now is waiting to see where our tour dates are and all that, and deciding who's going to be in our company. I also have a fragrance, so I'm busy for now.
Us: You were quoted in a recent article saying you're taking a hiatus from your second solo album to spend time with your hubby. What do you like doing together most in your downtime?
Fergie: Just having a moment to spend time together is what I like most. We're both so busy and away from each other a lot you need that time to be still and be together.

Us: I recently interviewed Josh and he said he looks forward to your workout time because it's a way for you to stay connected in between times you're jetsetting. What’s your favorite way to stay connected to him while you're on the road?
Fergie: You get grateful for technology! I just built a lab in the Philippines. It's a computer lab and library, so anyone out there who wants to donate books or money go to Apl Foundation to see how you can help kids in the Philippines.

Us: Finally, who should win American Idol? May the best man or woman win! There's a lot of talent up there.

Us: How do you feel when you watch yourself give them advice every week? The advice I give is my experience as an artist and whether you're a good singer or whether you’re a good producer or songwriter, my advice to people who are out there performing is: singers are a dime a dozen, songwriters are a dime a dozen, so all the advice I have for these kids is don't forget the performance factor.

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