‘The Walking Dead’ Recap: Maggie’s Fate — and Hidden Skills With Farm Equipment — Revealed

Maggie (Lauren Cohan) may have lost her husband, but she hasn’t lost her will to live … or lead. That’s the message sent loud and clear by the Sunday, November 20, episode of The Walking Dead, which caught up with Glenn’s widow at the Hilltop where she’s been convalescing since the horrific massacre in the season premiere — a community on which the Saviors descended in a tense confrontation that nearly saw both Maggie and Sasha betrayed by the Hilltop’s odious leader. (Remember, as far as the bad guys know, she’s supposed to be dead.) Here’s Us Weekly‘s roundup of the biggest moments.

Once a Farm Girl, Always a Farm Girl

Meanwhile, the decidedly not-dead Maggie and Sasha (Sonequa Martin Green) were recovering at the Hilltop — where the chickens of Alexandria’s massacre of the Saviors last season finally came home to roost, in the form of an armored car that blew through the gates with music blaring, drawing hordes of hungry zombies inside. Maggie reminded us once again that she’s made of seriously tough stuff: The former farm girl got creative with a tractor, which she backed over the car and several zombies, all of which went squish.

Lauren Cohen
Lauren Cohan as Maggie on ‘The Walking Dead.’ Gene Page/AMC

Carl and Enid’s Roller Skate Date

The world as we know it might have ended, and a psycho with a bat might have murdered their friends, but for Carl (Chandler Riggs) and Enid (Katelyn Nacon), life — and puberty — must go on. This week’s episode saw the two of them traveling together to the Hilltop — on roller skates, no less — and getting their smooch on in the woods before parting ways. Fortunately, Carl is now bound for Negan’s hideout, which means it’ll be at least another few episodes before we have to cringe our way through another awkward teen makeout session.

Chandler Riggs as Carl on ‘The Walking Dead.’ Gene Page/AMC

Gregory: Still the Worst

In case you were wondering whether Gregory (Xander Berkeley) might have mellowed in the off-season to become less of a weaselly slime … nope. After stealing Hershel’s watch off Glenn’s grave and making a skeevy overture at Sasha, Gregory topped off his spectacle of sleaze by attempting to betray the hidden Sasha and Maggie to the Saviors. Fortunately, some quick thinking by Jesus foiled his plan.

And then Maggie punched Gregory in the face, and it was awesome.

Even in mourning, this girl is clearly the leader her community needs and deserves. And not only will Mags be staying at the Hilltop until she has her baby, but Gregory is gonna cut the shenanigans and call her by her name: Maggie Rhee. YEAH, GIRL. Come on over here and fist-bump us through our tears.

Katelyn Nacon as Enid on ‘The Walking Dead.’ Gene Page/AMC

A Couple of Stowaways

And finally, Rick (Andrew Lincoln) might have pretty much rolled over and showed his belly to Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), but not all the survivors are feeling so compliant. After being asked by Sasha to follow the Saviors back to the dark hole from whence they came, Jesus secretly stowed away at the last moment in the back of their departing truck — and found out he wasn’t alone. He and Carl are on their way to the Sanctuary as we speak, and while it’s anyone’s guess what they each have in mind, we’re guessing it’s not a polite social call.

The Walking Dead airs on AMC Sundays at 9 p.m. ET.

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