What Was With That Mysterious Polaroid Rick Snapped on ‘The Walking Dead’ Premiere?


During the chilling season 8 premiere of The Walking Dead, Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam) had to pull Rick (Andrew Lincoln) away from the Sanctuary as it was being infested by the walkers. However, it was not before Rick pulled out a Polaroid camera to take a snap of Negan’s home under attack. What was the photo for?

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“You’ll get a chance to learn about that down the road a little bit, but you know Negan’s guys would take Polaroids of the devastation that they left when in season 6 Glenn and Heath see the Polaroids of all the people that Negan had killed,” executive producer Greg Nicotero told Entertainment Weekly in an interview published on Sunday, October 22. “So I wouldn’t be surprised if Rick is intending on gathering his own set of Polaroids of some damage that they inflicted upon Negan.”

“That will be answered in a little bit,” Andrew Lincoln added about the photograph. “They cutaway to an important purpose, is all I will say.”

Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead. AMC

Another question fans have after that premiere is about the older, cane-using Rick shown in either a flash-forward or some sort of dream sequence that an emotional Rick is having.

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“We will get definitive answers and there will be a point where it is one thing or the other. There’s a very important point to the story of it,” showrunner Scott Gimple said. “It’s not going to be each episode. I don’t want to break down the structure of the story, but I will say it is used as much as it should be.”

Not even Lincoln was informed on which time frame went with what when filming!

“Scott Gimple probably is a man who keeps his cards extremely close to his chest and there were several conversations where I was saying, ‘I kind of need to know who I’m talking to,’ or ‘Is this reality?’ And he was cagey,” the actor, 44, revealed. “And rightly so, because it’s quite exciting. It feels like perhaps there are these variations in a future that’s being offered up perhaps. But I think that the idea is that they are intended to be abstract.”

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