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Tom Cruise Shares Never-Before-Told Story From ‘Top Gun’ Training

Ready to return to the danger zone? Tom Cruise reminisced about his 1986 film Top Gun during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Tuesday, October 18 — even sharing a never-before-told story from the set.

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Kimmel surprised the 54-year-old actor by inviting Kenny Loggins to perform the Top Gun anthem, “Danger Zone,” as Cruise’s entrance music. The Mission: Impossible star said that it was the first time he’s ever met the singer, despite being a huge fan of his music.

Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise attends the press conference for the Japan premiere of ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ in 2014.

Cruise revealed that he and Loggins, 68, chatted backstage about the possibility of a sequel to the classic film. “Kenny and I were talking about it tonight,” he said. “It’s just gotta be right, that’s all. We’ve just gotta figure it out.”

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The Jerry Maguire actor also shared some secrets from the set — including his plot to get some flight time with the Blue Angels squadron before fully committing to the role. “The truth is that after the first meeting, I met with [director Tony Scott], [producer] Jerry [Bruckheimer] and Paramount Pictures. I got in the car and I was flying to New York. I told my agent, ‘I’m going to make this movie, but don’t tell Jerry I want to make this movie, because I want to fly with the Blue Angels.’ You’ve got to work these things, you know? I’m a businessman. Also, I said, ‘I want to fly the F-14. I’ve got to have at least three flights in the F-14. I want all the training,’” he recalled. “Sorry, Jerry. I forgot you and I never really had that conversation.”

Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise in Top Gun

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However, the training was a little rough on Cruise — he even vomited in a jet flown by a pilot named Bozo. “I had a vomit bag right here, so in between takes I leaned down to quickly empty my guts in the bag. The second I did that, he pulls up,” Cruise said. “My head was literally on the ground from the pressure. I was pressed on the floor, holding my vomit. I kept going ‘Bozo! Bozo!’ I was choking, and he just kept pulling up and up. Finally, he released, and we were going straight ahead. I was like, ‘Bozo, what’s the matter with you, man? Didn’t you see my head was on the floor?’ He was like, ‘Well, I told you, they don’t call me Bozo for nothing.’”

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