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Tom Hanks Talks About Disneyland’s “Mile High Club” to Conan O’Brien

Tom Hanks appears on 'Conan' on Dec. 17, 2013
"There was other naughty stuff going on," said Tom Hanks in his Conan show appearance on Dec. 17, 2013.

Every amusement park has its secrets — and Tom Hanks exposed one of Disneyland's biggest on Tuesday, Dec. 17. The Saving Mr. Banks actor, who plays Walt Disney in the film (about the making of Mary Poppins), appeared on Conan O'Brien's Conan show to discuss his love for the Anaheim, Calif. based theme park in a hilarious new interview.

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Hanks likened his experience filming scenes for the flick as, "Oh, I get it, I'm 13. I'm dead at 13 and I've come to heaven." However, what went on in certain pockets of Disneyland were not exactly rated PG-13. 

"You ask questions like, 'What happened to this ride?'" Hanks hinted of working on set at the amusement park. "Why is there no sky buckets anymore?" he would ask of the Skyway that shuffled visitors back and forth between Tomorrowland and Fantasyland. (The gondola lift attraction was removed in 1994.)

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"One of the problems was — there were a lot of people trying to join, let’s call it, the Mile High Club," the star revealed. "In the sky buckets!" 

"There was other naughty stuff going on," he added. "But there were people that tried to… how do we say this… get the deed done," he said to a befuddled O'Brien. "How to enjoy the e-ticket, maybe the g-ticket, maybe the o-ticket… I don't know," trailed Hanks.

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The incredulous show host then asked the Oscar winner, "How long is that ride?!" Hanks responded, "It was like maybe 4 and a half minutes from Tomorrowland to Fantasyland."

Hanks stars opposite Emma Thompson in Saving Mr. Banks, now out in theaters. The actress, who plays Mary Poppins author P.L. Travers just last week shared in a Parade interview that she "didn't have sex for six months" because of her permed hairstyle. "People would bleat in the streets as I went by," she said.

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