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Top 6 Most Accurate Tarot Reading Sites

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Have you ever wondered what is going to happen in the future? Is it going to be exciting, filled with happy moments, or something specific? Do you have these questions wandering in your mind all the time? Then you might be in the right place. 

Have you ever thought about psychic tarot reading? Maybe you have, but you never found a tarot reader that lives next to you. Not all of us have time to go and visit someone’s house since we all lead busy lives. 

Nowadays, it is easy to find an online tarot reader. This way is more convenient than the old way, and you also save your precious time and money on gas. So, if you are interested in online tarot reading, this article is for you. We have done the research, and we will provide you with the best online tarot reading sites that can help answer all of your questions. 

Best Online Tarot Card Reading Sites In 2022 

According to our research and comparing hundreds of different online tarot reading websites, these were the ones who made it to our top six. We will review their features in more detail and provide you with the essential information for each site. All you have to do is relax and keep on reading.

  • Purple Garden:  Overall Best Online Tarot Readings, Editor’s Choice
  • Keen: Top-Rated Online Tarot Reading Session
  • Kasamba: Most Popular Psychic Reading Site 
  • AskNow: Most Accurate Tarot Card Reader for Free
  • Oranum: Best Online Psychic Readings on Video Call

#1. Purple Garden: Overall Best Online Tarot Readings, Editor’s Choice

Pruple Garden

One of the newest brands in the market, Purple Garden is now the best online tarot card reading website so far. The company has successfully managed to deliver exceptional results with the help of their reliable tarot card readers who are available on video call, chat and phone call.

With years of experience, online psychic readers have recently gained popularity in the internet world. Tarot card reading has become easier and widely available to people. However, people use it for a variety of purposes. Some use it for love advice, some for career guidance, some for finance and some use it for their relationships with friends and family. Purple Garden aspires to deliver 100% accurate results in all the aspects related to tarot card readings. 

People have voted Purple Garden as their best psychic reading advisors on the market. The reason behind purple garden being so successful is that they give instant results to their users. They help people to unlock secrets related to their life, career, and money which eventually helps them to make sound long term decisions which may or may not prove right for them. 


Purple Garden lets you search your desired category with the help of the search bar available on the home page of their official website. Once you enter your desired category, say, career or money, the website will connect you to all the available psychic readers or online tarot card readers. Each tarot card reader has a description which states their experience and speciality. They also have a display picture on the website, to help you recognize the reader in case you meet them offline. 

Another feature that helps you find the best psychic readers is that the most rated and well appreciated tarot card readers are displayed separately on the homepage of the website.


  • Easy access to the website
  • People’s choice for online tarot card reading
  • Choose the reader that fits your budget and needs
  • Readings available via phone, chat and video


  • Some readers might be expensive

Customer Experience

The overall customer experience of Purple Garden has been great. The masses have loved the services offered by the company. The predictions have worked in real life for people. With accurate predictions, they have helped a lot of people. 

=> Click here to visit the official website of Purple Garden

#2. Keen: Top-Rated Online Tarot Reading Session


Keen is another famous online site that many users are grateful for. This site provides many different psychic readings, love and relationship specialists readings, life questions readings, and of course, tarot readings. They provide complete discretion when it comes to your personal information. 

So, once you go to their website, you can see they have provided many articles to help you understand each reading. On Keen’s website, there are love articles, horoscopes, spiritual advice, astrology advice, tarot advice, and of course, Keen’s blog. 

The site offers you a lot of experienced tarot readers that also provide three minutes of free reading. In this way, you can feel the reader’s energy, and you can see if you are compatible with them and if you want to work with them in the future. You can always call them and chat with them, but unfortunately, there is no video call option available yet. 


You can sort out the readers according to the best available or the featured advisors. Also, you can choose the price, which varies from $1.99 up to $9.99 per minute. You can select the readers by their star rating, which ranges from one to five.

Moreover, the site allows you to sort out the readers by their availability, which is not the case for many online psychic pages. You can choose between any, arrange a reading, and also see who is available at the moment. Additionally, you can choose them by specialties. They have career readers, destiny or life path advisors, spirit guides, love and relationship guides, and also money and prosperity guides. 

Keen’s readers offer a variety of tarot readings, and many readers can do an angel card reading or cartomancy.


  • Free three-minute tarot reading 
  • Affordable prices 
  • High reviews and many experienced tarot readers
  • Quickly contact each tarot reader 
  • Schedule your reading with your favorite reader 
  • Readings via chat and phone offered


  • Does not offer video calls 
  • Readings only available in English

Customer Experience 

According to the customers, although they do not offer video calls, they are completely satisfied by the readings done by phone or even by chat. Many users used the three-minute free trial to match with their favorite reader, and they have been working with the same reader for years. They will continue using this site because of how affordable the readings are and how much good advice they have received from the tarot readers that actually helped improve their life. 

=> Click here to visit the official website of Keen

#3. Kasamba: Most Popular Psychic Reading Site 


High on our list is the famous Kasamba site that provides not only tarot reading but all kinds of readings. They have psychic readers that use crystals, aura types of reading, pet psychics, which is rare to find on other websites, psychic mediums, remote viewing, and many more. When it comes to tarot reading, they have professional tarot readers. 

The tarot reading on Kasamba is one of the top-rated readings on their website, and they are also the best online tarot reading sites when compared to others. As their customers describe them, they are completely positive and provide detailed information once you ask a question. 

Their tarot readers use two different tarot reading techniques. One of them is called angel card reading, and the other one is called cartomancy. We are going to review them in more detail so you can get the whole picture of what they mean and how they are done.


Angel card reading is done by a unique card deck that is obvious by the name of the reading. The readers use cards that have special angelic powers and symbols. 

The method of reading is simple, and the reader will ask you a simple question about your life. It might be a work or love life question. After the reader has all of the information, they use the angelic tarot cards to provide you with general guidance and not predict the future.

Tarot cards and cartomancy are similar types of readings that can be performed by a highly experienced tarot reader. The only difference is that cartomancy is a regular deck of playing cards. This reading was popular back in the 1700s, and it traces back a few hundred years before that. 

This is considered one of the most accurate readings. The reader can tell you how things will happen and if they will happen. They can provide you with all of this information just by reading the cards and using their energy.


  • Affordable
  • Highly qualified tarot readers 
  • Easy to contact the company
  • Quick, free signup
  • Three-minute free trial period 


  • No video calls available 
  • Must be 18 years old to use the service

Customer Experience 

Their customers are beyond amazed by how the Kasamba tarot readers are provided with completely accurate information. Also, they provided them with great advice, which made their lives much better. They will continue using Kasamba, and they also recommend this online reading site to everyone who is interested in any type of psychic reading. 

=> Click here to visit the official website of Kasamba

#4. AskNow: Most Accurate Tarot Card Reader for Free


AskNow is also a part of our list since it has helped thousands of people with their life questions. They have been working since 2005, and they are becoming more and more famous each day. Thor tarot readers are especially known for providing the best advice when it comes to love, relationships, money, and many more things. 

Moreover, they provide complete safety of your information. So in order to get a reading, you need to create an account, which will take you around five minutes. You have to provide them with some basic information that they will need in order to create the account. Once you complete the account, you can choose a reader that will match your energy. 

They have chat options, and also, you can always call them on your phone. But unfortunately, like with many other sites, this site is not offering video calls. 


Their tarot readings price range is low at $1 per minute, and overall, this is a fair price for all users of this online reading site. 

As we mentioned earlier, you can choose the tarot reader that you have a great connection with. You can always schedule an appointment with them in case they are not available at the moment. All you have to do is leave your information in their chat, such as your name and your phone number. 

Moreover, the tarot readers are some of the best on this site since they have undergone special training and also have suitable qualifications. They are all highly rated, and they are professionals when it comes to working with you and helping you out as much as they can.


  • Provides complete safety of your information
  • Discreet chat and phone conversations 
  • Fair price range 
  • Readings available in multiple languages, such as Spanish, French, and English


  • No video call option 

Customer Experience

The users are delighted by all of the tarot readers who work on this website. They are amazed by the readers’ great pieces of advice, and they will go on and continue contacting them in the future. Also, many users found their solutions and consolidation when they were experiencing difficult times such as breakups, bankruptcy, and much more with the help of AskNow. 

=> Click here to visit the official website of AskNow

#5. Oranum: Best Online Psychic Readings on Video Call


Oranum provides all kinds of readings, but they are especially famous for their tarot readings. They have some of the best tarot readers who have significant experience and have worked with many people. Also, this online site provides all types of readings, such as psychic readers who use crystal balls, astrology readings, numerology readings, and many more. 

The best part is that this online site provides you with video calls, not just online chat and phone calls. In this way, you can see the actual tarot reader, and you can see their cards and what they are doing. Also, you can feel their energy faster than by communicating through calls or chatting online. 

Moreover, the Oranum site provides live readings. So if you have never experienced a reading before, this will be a great opportunity to get to know how this process works. Also, you can get the whole picture and idea of the cards and their meaning. 


As we mentioned above in the review of their online site, one of the best features is that they offer live tarot readings. So if you are new to tarot readings, all you have to do is visit their website and login into one of their live sessions. In this way, you will experience the broad powers of the tarot readings. 

Furthermore, they use coins to repay you if you are not satisfied with your tarot reading. You can always use the coins to have another reading done by another tarot reader. You can buy the coins from Online Banking, Ukash, Pay By Phone, and European Direct Pay. Also, once you create your account, you can get a bonus. 

And let us not forget to mention once again their online video option. This is an exclusive option that only Oranum is using. 

Overall, Oranum has thousands of professional tarot readers that are here to help you by using different tarot reading techniques. 


  • Accepts multiple payment methods 
  • Video calls are available
  • Receive a bonus on creating an account
  • Services available in the U.S. and Europe 


  • Might share your information with third-party online sites

Customer Experience 

All of the Oranum users are delighted by the friendliness and positive energy that the Oranum tarot readers have. According to the customers, they are completely friendly with everyone, and they also provide accurate information and good advice. The users will continue using this site since they can see their tarot reader through video call instead of just texting them. 

=> Click here to visit the official website of Oranum

#6. Mysticsense: Professional Tarot Reading Sessions

Mystic Sense

This is one of the most famous sites with a wide range of psychic readers and many online experienced tarot readers. The website has full-time readers and also half-time readers. So once you have matched with one of your favorite readers, you need to be aware of their working hours and schedule your tarot reading on time. 

The site provides highly qualified tarot readers that use different reading methods, such as the angelic tarot card reading, standard tarot reading, cartomancy, and others. But if this will be your first experience with tarot reading, you should know that you have five minutes of free reading with one of their tarot readers. All you have to do is visit the site, and then the journey begins. 

First, you can create a free account, deposit $10, and get your five minutes of free tarot reading. All of the information that you provide to the site will be completely safe. 

Their terms and conditions state that there is no leaking of information. Also, they use encrypted systems to keep all of the payment information safe. 


Overall, the best thing is the five minutes of free tarot reading that they have to offer you. If you do not have experience, this will be a great beginning and introduction to the tarot deck and the overall reading process, as we mentioned earlier. 

Keep in mind that all of their tarot readers are professionals, and they have undergone many courses and have passed all of the requirements. 

They offer video calls, online chats, and phone calls, the same as the Oranum site. The video calls are one of the best features of this site since you can see the tarot reader and the cards. In this way, you will gather more knowledge about the whole process. 

Also, if you are not satisfied with your tarot reading, you can request a refund. Make sure you request the refund immediately after the reading so it can be processed and you can get your money back. 


  • Five-minute free trial
  • Refunds available
  • Encrypted system used for security


  • You can only pay by using PayPal 
  • Readings only available in English

Customer Experience

The users of this online tarot reading site are amazed by the readers and their amazing powers. They state that they will continue using the site and will also use the video call option since they can experience the whole tarot reading journey and collect some knowledge. Also, the users are satisfied with the overall readings and the many bits of advice that helped them in their lives. 

=> Click here to visit the official website of Mysticsense

And now for additional words from our sponsor

What We Considered When Choosing the Best Online Tarot Reading Sites

We have considered many things, including the terms and conditions on each website, the customer comments, and their experience with the tarot readers. Also, we have compared many readers and their experience and qualifications. 

If you want a correct and excellent tarot reading, you must get in touch with a professional. Also, we have compared thousands of comments and reviews for each site. So, let us review all of this info in more detail. 

Terms and Conditions

The  things we researched were the terms and conditions that each website provides for you. There are many websites, and they all use different terms and conditions. Also, they all have other preferences when it comes to collecting your personal information. The terms and conditions are all legal.

All of the websites that we have reviewed in this article are 100% legit and do not have any hidden fees. Also, they have proof that they have employed the best tarot readers who are highly qualified and have high ratings. 

These websites also provide fair prices. By a reasonable price, we mean a price that is compatible with the type of reading that you are requesting and also the time consumed. Some readings can last from one minute up to 30 or 50 minutes. Remember, this all depends on you and your choices.

Tarot Readers’ Experience 

The second thing that is also crucial is the experience that the tarot readers have. Many tarot readers might scam you, as we concluded by our research. They use false cards, and their main purpose is to get your money but not provide you with a correct reading, 

So, all of the online reading sites that we will review in this article are entirely legit. They have one of the most famous readers that are qualified specifically in tarot reading. Their customers speak about their experiences with them, and all of the reviews show how they are one of the best. 

Customer Experience 

We have mentioned customer experience is essential. It is of great importance actually, since it provides an overall and complete picture of what the tarot reader has to offer you. Remember, the clients are not lying, and they are always providing the correct information in order for everyone to get more details about the reader and the overall reading. 

Also, we have compared many comments on many sites and different readers. The websites that we have chosen are of high quality according to the thousands of satisfied customers. Also, they all have five-star ratings that show how accurate and high-quality the tarot readings are. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Reader 

If you are interested in tarot reading and are a beginner, then you need to keep in mind a couple of things when it comes to choosing the correct reader for you and a good website. Remember, nowadays, there are many scammers in this market. 

So, nobody and not even you wants to get scammed and lose your precious money on some kind of false reading. So, let us go and see what you should pay attention to when selecting a tarot reading site. 

Stay Open-Minded

Many people are skeptical when it comes to psychic reading and also tarot card reading. This is because they are not familiar with the whole background of this practice and the benefits of tarot reading in general. Tarot is a specific practice that is designed to provide you with advice and guides. 

Many people believe that reading tarot cards can show their future, but that is not true. The readers can help you by giving you advice and also guidance for you to get a better life. You should open your mind to the reading and allow it to empower your mind. 

Schedule Regular Tarot Sessions 

By scheduling regular online tarot readings, you have more opportunities to connect with your tarot reader. Also, you can discuss many things that are going on in your life since every day is different and brings a new experience. This is an important way to stay in tune with your intuition and the energy of the earth and its influence. 

Avoid Online Scams 

You can avoid the online scams by reading the customer reviews. The customers never lie about their experiences, and they will provide you with details. If you decide not to read the reviews, you might end up getting scammed. So, remember that scammers are everywhere, especially in the online tarot reading industry. 

You can also try out different tarot card readers. This can be important since not all people feel the energy with the first online tarot reader they meet. So if you feel like the power and energy are not there and you did not get any advice or help, you should look for another reader. The sites mentioned above offer a free tarot reading with each reader, so you can try out multiple and decide on which one is the best for you. 

Online vs. Offline Tarot Card Reading Services

There is a significant difference between using traditional reading and online reading. The best thing is that online tarot card readings are becoming most famous among people just because it is online. You do not have to spend your precious time and go to a reader that is hundreds of miles away from you. 

Also, this is a convenient way to get your reading done even if you are at home, on a break, outside, or basically anywhere. All you need is an internet connection and your smartphone. So, it is much easier going online and getting the reading done in less than five minutes. 

Once you find the best reader that is compatible with your energy, you can start consulting with them, and they will guide you and provide you with the advice you need to hear to improve your life. 

FAQs: Tarot Card Reading

Q1. Is it bad if I read my own tarot cards? 

If you are a beginner and have bought a tarot deck, the first thing that comes to your mind is if you can do the reading for yourself. Well, according to many specialists in tarot reading, it is harmful to do that. You should trust your cards and connect with them to help other people. But unfortunately, you cannot do the reading on yourself because the outcomes might be wrong. 

So instead of reading your own tarot cards, you can always go online. You can research one of the above-mentioned sites and find the perfect tarot reader for you. They will provide you with more and correct information than if you did a self-reading session. 

Q2. What questions can I ask a tarot reader? 

All you have to do is provide your reader with a brief or straightforward summary of your life and where you are right now. In this way, you can help them to design a perfect picture for you. You need to treat your tarot reader with respect and tell them what you expect from the reading. 

It is not necessary to ask questions, as all you have to do is give them an idea of your overall life situation. Then, they will provide you with different pieces of advice. Also, you can provide them with some details about your relationship status, home situation, job, and any health issues. 

Q3. What can I expect from a tarot card reading?

From the tarot card reading, you can expect much information and real advice to help you. As we mentioned earlier, you can always discuss your current situation with your favorite card reader. Once you do that, then you can expect them to provide you with more insights on the topic, whether it is love, relationships, health, or much more. 

Online Psychic Reading: Conclusion 

According to all of the information that we have provided you with, you can see online tarot reading sites are easy and friendly to use. You can save time, money, and energy if you choose online tarot card reading instead of the traditional way. Overall, all of the sites mentioned above have some of the highest qualified readers that will help you out any time.


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