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UnREAL Star Quinn King: 10 Reasons Why We Love to Hate Her

UnREAL’s Season 2 premiere is just around the corner, which means it’s time to start obsessing over the Lifetime scripted series and the many memorable characters it has produced — particularly in regards to the flawed yet fabulous Quinn King (Constance Zimmer), who runs the dating competition, Everlasting, with a fierce and unforgiving fist. But even in spite of all the drama she’s purposefully unleashed upon her crew and the show’s contestants, it’s impossible not to love her for it. Why is that, you may wonder? We’re so glad you asked…

1. She’s Flawed, But Fierce

Yes, Quinn has done some pretty unforgivable things. (Arranging for a contestant’s abusive ex-husband to surprise her onset immediately comes to mind.) But, in a way, it also makes her extremely relatable in that, like all human beings, she is not perfect. She makes mistakes, sure. But she also makes no apologies for who she is. You can’t help but admire that kind of tenacity.

2. Her Sass Is Legendary

You only wish your snide retorts and sarcastic comebacks were as sharp and on-point as this lady’s. When it comes to verbal takedowns, you do not want to mess with her. (If anything, take notes!)

3. She Can Still Be Vulnerable

Despite her seemingly chilly exterior, viewers have also seen a softer side to Quinn from time to time, like when she was secretly looking through wedding magazines during her brief engagement to Chet (Craig Bierko). So regardless of how calculating she may be, it’s nice to know that an actual heart does beat inside that chest of hers and is capable of emotional attachment… even if we don’t see it very often.

4. Her Ambition Is Admirable

The reason Quinn is like she is, can all be routed back to one very important thing: she’s good at her job. She knows that viewers crave drama on a reality show above anything else, and she’s just making it her No. 1 priority to give the people what they want. Can she really be faulted for that?

5. She’s Fiercely Independent

Quinn acts tough because life has forced her to be that way. Take the fact that she’s a female executive producer in a very male-centric industry. If you’re going to tackle the hurdles of sexism like she has, you’re going to need pretty thick skin, which is something that Quinn seems to have in spades.

6. She Makes the Show All the More Interesting

Without intriguing characters like Quinn, the series wouldn’t be as compelling. You need strong, no-nonsense characters like her to get things moving, and yes, eventually spinning out of control.

7. She Radiates Confidence

Her morals may be radically skewed and she may have a conscience the size of a nat, but man-oh-man does she know how to command a room and bend everyone within it to her will.

8. She Isn’t Afraid to Speak Her Mind

You know those things that you want to say, but never do for fear of retribution? Quinn has no filter. She knows no restraint. And for that, we envy her.

9. She Represents Empowered Women

Alright, so she has a tendency to bring out the worst in Rachel (Shiri Appleby) from time to time in their quest to create not-so-artificial drama. But she also inspires Rachel to believe in herself and her many talents. So even at their most manipulative, it’s hard not to appreciate the sentiment of women supporting other women, even if we don’t necessarily agree with her tactics of going about it.

10. She Gets the Job Done

Because, at the end of the day when all is said and done, she knows how to make sh*t happen like the badass boss that she is. Respect.

UnREAL Season 2 premieres on June 6 at 10 p.m. ET on Lifetime.

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