‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7 Midseason Premiere’s 5 Biggest Spoilers Revealed: Who Dies?

After enduring throughout the winter without a new episode of The Walking Dead, fans of the AMC series are starting to feel a bit like its titular zombies: dead-eyed, soulless, decaying and desperate for a nice, fresh bite of Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) … uh, figuratively speaking.

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The show will end its midseason break on Sunday, February 12, when we check back in with the Alexandrians in the wake of two more deaths and Rick’s realization that the only way forward is to fight. But while we wait to see exactly how the prewar strategy sessions pan out, let’s run down what we already know about season 7’s upcoming eight episodes.

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The Cowboys Are Coming

It’s no secret that the first half of season 7 has been a total bummer so far (a fact borne out by some of the worst ratings The Walking Dead has seen in years). But no more! With Lincoln having described the next eight episodes as akin to the Western film The Magnificent Seven, we’re expecting to see our heroes come out with guns a-blazin’, very possibly while riding on horseback and wearing fabulous hats.

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The Midseason Premiere Is Gonna Be Dynamite

After being rudely relieved of practically all their weapons (not to mention their precious stores of powdered lemonade!) by Negan and his goons, our heroes spent the first half of the season tragically low on firepower. But thanks to a new clip released in advance of the next episode, we know that they’re about to stumble into an, ahem, explosive situation that could work out in their favor … if it doesn’t blow up in their faces.

Andrew Lincoln
Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes in the season premiere of ‘The Walking Dead.’ AMC

Eugene Has Big Things in Store

Although Eugene (Josh McDermitt) wound up demoralized by Rosita (Christian Serratos) and then kidnapped by Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) in the final moments of December’s midseason finale, you shouldn’t write him off as a useless lump just yet. Showrunner Scott Gimple told The Hollywood Reporter that the character is in for “a surprising arc” and “a lot of left turns.” (Hopefully, one of those turns will be into a barber shop, ’cause that mullet has got. To. Go.)

The Walkers Are Scarier Than Ever

Oozing, decaying, exploding zombies are so 2012, you guys. The new cool thing to do with the dead? Put a hat on ’em! A peek at the trailer for the rest of season 7 shows that at least one walker has found his way into a magnificent spiked helmet, and it’s terrifying.

Death Is on the Menu

Not to go all dark and dreary, but let’s be real: There’s no way that our heroes won’t sustain some serious losses in the coming war with the Saviors, and they’re not all going to be nameless extras, either. With multiple members of the cast involved in time-consuming new projects (Sonequa Martin-Green has joined the new Star Trek, Corey Hawkins is holding down 24 and Chandler Riggs is headed to college, just to name a few), the stage is set for some of your faves to not tosurvive to see season 8. Brace yourself.

Tell Us: Who do you think will die in season 7?

The Walking Dead airs on AMC Sundays at 9 p.m. ET. 

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