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You Voted! Pole Dancing Miss USA Should Keep Her Crown

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Newly crowned Miss USA Rima Fakih won a pole dancing contest in 2007 — but she shouldn't be stripped of her title, 59 percent of and readers agree.

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"Miss USA isnt casting for nuns… how an individual chooses to live their life and how that life is plastered on the media screens are two different parallels," writes commenter Hala Mansour on

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Jokes reader Ed, "Pole dancing is a fitness trend, and I think if anything, it gives me more respect for her. Rock on Rima!"

But Us reader anonymous disagrees. "Where's the respect and decency of women? Why do women have to trash themselves? When one is crowed Miss USA, she is representing the nation. And by doing pole dancing in public, [she] is trashing the image of a lady." What to do if you're in love with a stripper

Says's Mr. Ed, "I am getting sick and tired of every scandal this organization produces." (Contestants were criticized for posing in sexy lingerie on the pageant's Web site; in 2009, Miss USA finalist Carrie Prejean was stripped of her Miss California title after topless photos of her surfaced.)

"Enough already with the over sexualizing of women. This outdated sexist idea should be done away with. Whatever happened to classiness? Did it go away in return for a stripper's pole? Is this what America tells the world about it's women?" continues Mr. Ed. Lap-dance etiquette

It makes no difference to reader YLW. "Beauty pageant winner, stripper, don't see much difference. They're both objectified for their physical assets. At least strippers also know how to move."