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Google Celebrates Pi Day by Revealing Most Uniquely Searched Pie in Every State: Pecan Pie, Tomato Pie and More

Happy Pi Day! Google Reveals the Most-Searched Pie in Every State
Cherry pie. Getty Images

Google sure knows how to celebrate Pi Day! The annual holiday is in honor of the mathematical constant, pi, and is observed each year on March 14 (3/14) since 3, 1 and 4 are the first three significant digits of the number, which is the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter.

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However, given that there’s more than one type of pi, Google opted to celebrate the edible version by releasing data that details the most uniquely searched pie in each state and Washington D.C. In other words, the search engine compared top “pie” searches in each state to top “pie” searches across the country in order to identify which types of pie people search for disproportionately more at the state level.

The infographic, which you can see below, has the pies color-coded in five different categories – fruit, custard, chocolate and nuts, savory and other.

Happy Pi Day! Google Reveals the Most-Searched Pie in Every State
Pi(e) Day in the USA. Courtesy Google

The list includes both savory and sweet classics, such as shepherd’s pie and pecan pie, which reigned supreme in Alaska and New Mexico, respectively, but there were also some pretty interesting outliers. For example, California was the only state to have mud pie as its most uniquely Googled dessert. Despite its dirt-centric name, the pie is actually a chocolate creation that, oddly enough, originated in Mississippi.

Speaking of states in the south, buttermilk pie proved to be overwhelmingly popular in territories that comprise the bottom half of the country. Residents of Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Mississippi and Tennessee all boasted the custard-like confection as their most uniquely Googled dessert, making it the most popular sweet dessert overall.

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Chicken pot pie took the cake on the savory front, as it was the most uniquely Googled pie in six sates – Connecticut, Maine, Montana, New Hampshire, New York and Vermont.

Pies that encompassed other meals were also fairly popular as well. Those living in Kansas, Michigan and Rhode Island were most intrigued by the meat-packed cheeseburger pie, while the most uniquely Googled pastry in Colorado was something called spaghetti pie.

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Interested to see the most uniquely Googled pie in your state? Scroll down for the complete list!

Alabama: Buttermilk pie
Alaska: Shepherd’s pie
Arizona: Lemon meringue pie
Arkansas: Buttermilk pie
California: Mud pie
Colorado: Spaghetti pie
Connecticut: Chicken pot pie
Delaware: Shepherd’s pie
Washington, D.C.: Pecan pie
Florida: Key lime pie
Georgia: Buttermilk pie
Hawaii: Haupia pie
Idaho: Strawberry pie
Illinois: French silk pie
Indiana: Peanut butter pie
Iowa: Coconut cream pie
Kansas: Cheeseburger pie
Kentucky: Peanut butter pie
Louisiana: Crawfish pie
Maine: Chicken pot pie
Maryland: Pumpkin pie
Massachusetts: Ricotta pie
Michigan: Cheeseburger pie
Minnesota: French silk pie
Mississippi: Buttermilk pie
Missouri: Coconut cream pie
Montana: Chicken pot pie
Nebraska: Cherry pie
Nevada: Shepherd’s pie
New Hampshire: Chicken pot pie
New Jersey: Tomato pie
New Mexico: Pecan pie
New York: Chicken pot pie
North Carolina: Sweet potato pie
North Dakota: Chocolate pie
Ohio: Peanut butter pie
Oklahoma: Chocolate pie
Oregon: Strawberry rhubarb pie
Pennsylvania: Tomato pie
Rhode Island: Cheeseburger pie
South Carolina: Tomato pie
South Dakota: Apple pie
Tennessee: Buttermilk pie
Texas: Millionaire pie
Utah: Banana cream pie
Vermont: Chicken pot pie
Virginia: Butterscotch pie
Washington: Banana cream pie
West Virginia: Peanut butter pie
Wisconsin: French silk pie
Wyoming: Shepherd’s pie

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