Top Thanksgiving Food in Every State: Where Does Cranberry Sauce, Stuffing and More Reign Supreme?

Thanksgiving Dinner Judd Pilossof/Getty Images

Google knows all! Believe it or not, the search engine keeps track of specific searches in any given state (and Washington D.C.) in the country, meaning the internet giant knows the most-searched Thanksgiving foods in any portion of America.

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The data, which was compiled by Food & Wine, sheds some light on what people around the country will be whipping up come Thursday, November 22, as the searches are recipe-related.

Cranberry Sauce Tetra Images/Getty Images

Furthermore, the data indicates that while there are some Turkey Day staples, such as cornbread dressing/stuffing, which reigned supreme in 14 states, regional differences also exist. For example, while the most popular search in Alaska, Connecticut, Maryland and Montana was cranberry sauce, folks in Wisconsin are more interested in cranberry salad.

Though most of the searches were fairly standard, there were a handful of outliers in the bunch. Washington D.C. residents, for example, have cookies on the brain, while people living in Delaware are searching for “keto brisket.” Who knew the trendy diet was so popular in the Diamond State?

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What’s more? Though turkey is arguably the standard Thanksgiving food item, the bird was only the most sought-after dish in one state – West Virginia.

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Pumpkin Pie
Pumpkin Pie Acme Food Arts/Getty Images

To see the most searched Thanksgiving dish in your state, check out the complete list below!

Alabama: Cornbread dressing
Alaska: Cranberry sauce
Arizona: Ham
Arkansas: Cornbread dressing
California: Creamed corn
Colorado: Pumpkin pie
Connecticut: Cranberry sauce
Delaware: Keto brisket
Florida: Green bean casserole
Georgia: Green bean casserole
Hawaii: Stone soup
Idaho: Cornbread dressing
Illinois: Cornbread dressing
Indiana: Cornbread dressing
Iowa: Casserole
Kansas: Pumpkin pie
Kentucky: Sweet potatoes
Louisiana: Chicken soup
Maine: Turkey gravy
Maryland: Cranberry sauce
Massachusetts: Butternut squash

Cornbread Stuffing
Cornbread Stuffing Brian Hagiwara/Getty Images

Michigan: Cornbread dressing
Minnesota: Cornbread dressing
Mississippi: Cornbread dressing
Missouri: Sweet potatoes
Montana: Cranberry sauce
Nebraska: Pumpkin pie
Nevada: Soup
New Hampshire: Butternut squash
New Jersey: Soup
New Mexico: Cornbread dressing
New York: Soup
North Carolina: Cornbread dressing
North Dakota: Stone soup
Ohio: Pumpkin pie
Oklahoma: Cornbread dressing
Oregon: Sweet potatoes
Pennsylvania: Vegetables
Rhode Island: Cornbread dressing
South Carolina: Sweet potato casserole
South Dakota: Corn
Tennessee: Cornbread dressing
Texas: Cornbread dressing
Utah: Salad
Vermont: Vegetables
Virginia: Green beans
Washington: Salad
Washington D.C.: Cookies
West Virginia: Roast turkey
Wisconsin: Cranberry salad
Wyoming: Roasted carrots

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