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18 Best Body Washes for Men in 2023


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Men should always opt for a high-quality body wash that leaves them feeling, looking and smelling their best. Of course, that body wash will be different for each man. After all, everyone has a unique body with unique needs. Some may prefer an invigorating gel that wakes them up in the morning and brightens dull skin, while others may appreciate a gentle cleanser that hydrates dry skin and soothes irritated skin.

There are plenty of great options on the market, but finding the right one can be overwhelming. Most men don’t even know where to start. It is important to understand the key factors and benefits associated with each product.

We know there are many things you would rather be doing than poring over hundreds of options to find the perfect body wash. So, to help you out, we did the research and have selected the 18 best body washes for men.

1. Blu Atlas Body Wash

Blu Atlas is the best body wash for men today, checking all the boxes for everything a man needs. This body wash makes every shower experience feel like a spa. The packaging is minimalist and sleek, taking up little space and blending in perfectly with any aesthetic.

It contains premium ingredients from natural origins, such as fruits, minerals and plants. Green tea reduces redness, soothing irritation and inflammation, and protecting skin from environmental damage. Sugarcane evens out the skin’s appearance and eliminates dullness. Finally, aloe vera and shea butter soften, soothe and hydrate. The result is a rich lather that gently cleanses and nourishes the skin. You can choose either a classic or coconut apricot scent option. Most men seem to prefer the classic scent, which is a light, refreshing green tea.

Health-conscious men can also feel proud of their selection, as the ingredients are completely clean. In other words, this product is preservative-free, paraben-free, synthetic dye-free and phthalate-free. You don’t need to worry about the impact on the environment either, as this product is vegan and cruelty-free.

2. Kiehl’s Body Fuel Wash

Men love including Kiehl’s Body Fuel Wash in their morning routines. This product energizes, revitalizes and brightens skin. Its quality ingredients include menthol and caffeine, which provide stimulating, refreshing and cooling sensations and boost the appearance of tired or dull skin.

Kiehl’s introduces vitamins for the skin to soak up during the lather and rinse routine. Vitamin C, vitamin E and zinc are the main stars. They decrease redness and inflammation, heal and repair the damage, and smooth the complexion. While the body wash packs a powerful punch, it is a gentle cleanser. It is optimal for all skin types, including those who have sensitive skin or skin conditions. Some may even find it useful for acne or blackheads, as it contains zinc.

You can also use it as a shampoo, as these ingredients are equally beneficial for hair. This makes it a great choice for men with facial hair.

3. REYAL Supreme Body Wash 

Men deserve luxury when it comes to their cleansing routine. They need a body wash that not only feels good, but also starts the day on the right foot. REYAL Supreme Body Wash helps men accomplish just that. It provides highly effective cleansing and detoxification, a refreshing feeling, and a pleasing scent.

The gel works to deep-clean the skin and pores, eliminating the sweat and dirt that cause acne and foul odors. It gently exfoliates the surface, removing flakes and evening out the appearance. Caffeine and peppermint work to wake up lifeless skin and restore brightness. Get lost in the refreshing menthol aromas that will have you smelling fresh all day.

Additionally, you will experience the magic of REYAL’s tri-formula, which works to reduce inflammation, treat common skin issues and speed up regeneration. This is a good body wash for men who suffer from dry skin, eczema, acne, rosacea or psoriasis. It will not only help you manage your condition, it will also help you feel more confident about your overall appearance.

4. Brickell Invigorating Body Wash for Men

When you pick up an amber Brickell bottle, you know you are using one of the finest body, face or hair products on the market. Their Invigorating Mint Body Wash for Men is no exception. It strives to cleanse, restore hydration and provide a refreshing scent.

Coconut and jojoba oil are the prime cleaning ingredients, exfoliating dead skin flakes and killing bacteria, microbes and fungi. Men who suffer from blackheads, whiteheads, pimples or acne may want to give this body wash a try.

Since skin can absorb skincare ingredients quickly, choosing a body wash with vitamins and natural extracts is vital. Brickell adds aloe vera to soothe irritation and protect the skin from damage. Vitamins B5 and E enhance repair and renewal, rejuvenate appearance and help retain moisture. This combination is unbeatable. Regular use can lead to clearer, smoother, younger-looking skin.

Body washes are a great way to freshen up, so the fragrance is important. Brickell offers Invigorating Mint, Lemon Lime and Tropical Teakwood as options.

5. Native Body Wash

Native became famous for its all-natural deodorant, but has since developed some of the best body washes for men on the market. They maintain their commitment to being “simple and effective” with their cleansers, without harmful ingredients like phthalates, sulfates, parabens or dyes.

Consumers will be pleased with the coconut oil and salt-based cleansers that gently eliminate sweat, oil and dirt without stripping the skin’s natural barrier. While some natural washes leave skin feeling dry and tight, Native ensures their lather leaves it soft and silky.

This line of body wash comes in 15 classic scents and a few limited editions, meaning you’ll be spoiled for choice. Popular selections for men include eucalyptus and mint, citrus and herbal musk, sea salt and cedar, sandalwood and shea butter, and coastal oak and amber. Fortunately, because of this product’s reasonable price point and availability across major retailers, you can try a few fragrances over time and see which one you like best.

6. American Crew 24-Hour Deodorant Body Wash 

American Crew is committed to creating exceptional grooming products for men. They understand that many men struggle with sweat and body odor, needing a high-performing body wash that eliminates odor-causing bacteria. However, they also know that most body washes use drying ingredients like alcohol. Since these can actually contribute to the problem, American Crew decided to use natural ingredients to accomplish their goal.

This product has an array of cleansers that remove sweat and dirt from the skin and help to clear oil and grime from your pores. Silver citrate and tea tree leaf are the stars of the show. They kill the bacteria and fungi that can lead to inflammation, infections and strong smells. Peppermint oil refreshes the skin and gives the wash a light, pleasant fragrance.

The best thing about American Crew’s body wash is that it works. Men rave about this product, finally having found a cleanser that removes their odor all day. And there’s no need to blow through a bottle every week – you’ll only need to use a small amount of liquid to achieve a deep and lasting clean.

7. Shea Moisture Vetiver & Neroli Refreshing Body Wash

Most people hold Shea Moisture in high regard. This brand regularly wows the skincare community with its soaps and lotions. They developed this unique body wash for men, recognizing that many need a deeply moisturizing cleanser. Since one of the main ingredients is shea butter, regular use provides dry skin relief, superior hydration, a soft and silky texture, and less inflammation and irritation.

Other nourishing ingredients include neroli, vetiver, rosemary oils and algae extract. These lock in hydration, control oil production, even the skin tone, contribute to a bright and youthful appearance, and fight blemish-causing bacteria. If you want to have good-looking skin in 2023, Shea Moisture’s body wash should become your go-to product.

Shea Moisture also has an incredibly light scent. It will not interfere with any colognes you apply after your morning cleansing routine, but will still last all day. Worrying about your body odor will be a thing of the past once you start using this body wash!

8. Blind Barber Lemongrass Tea Body Wash

Blind Barber is an award-winning line of personal care products. One of their finest creations is this refreshing Lemongrass Tea Body Wash for Men. It is a gentle daily cleanser that leaves your skin feeling cleaner and fresher. Of course, that is all thanks to its natural ingredients. Coconut oil helps keep your skin soft, smooth and hydrated while simultaneously healing inflammation and irritation. Rooibos tea helps fight bacteria, protect the skin against damage and fight early signs of aging. Rounding it out, a delicate blend of hops lessens inflammation, calms redness and soothes painful irritation. It is easy to see why so many men love this body wash.

Skincare doesn’t need to be complicated or confusing. This brand embraces simplicity, and the body wash is free of parabens, sulfates and artificial dyes. Blind Barber recommends a washcloth or loofah to help build up the classic lather. When you rinse off, you’ll enjoy smooth skin and a lingering lemongrass scent. It is equal parts light and refreshing, and will leave you feeling and smelling fresh all day.

9. Bulldog Body Wash

Men looking for a high-quality, affordable body wash need look no further than Bulldog’s Body Wash. It can be found in most drugstores, major retailers, and online. It is easy to assume inexpensive products use cheap ingredients. That is definitely not the case with Bulldog. This is a brand that prides itself on the best ingredients, eco-friendly practices, skin-friendly formulas and top-tier performance. It also prides itself on keeping things simple.

Bulldog creates their body wash primarily with manufactured ingredients, but it does not contain artificial colors or synthetic fragrances. Men can take comfort in the knowledge that the scents are entirely natural. You can choose between the original body wash scent, or options such as citrus, cedar, eucalyptus, mint, patchouli, vetiver and black pepper, peppermint and eucalyptus, and lemon and bergamot.

The brand’s sophisticated packaging is an upgrade from most drugstore purchases. Bulldog boasts a polished amber bottle to class up your shower.

10. Herban Cowboy Body Wash

Most men need a high-performance body wash for a long, hard day packed with working and working out. Herban Cowboy definitely checks that box. Their formula is gentle on the skin, as it is free from sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) and artificial colors, making it ideal for sensitive skin. It is not, however, gentle on sweat, dirt, bacteria and odors. This body wash packs a punch where it counts. Additionally, it harnesses natural essential oil blends for incredible scents. Choices include lemon, lavender and patchouli (Sport); black pepper and cedar (Forest); and cedar, sandalwood and sage (Dusk).

Men who buy Herban Cowboy are not just purchasing a top-quality product, they are also supporting a company that values cruelty-free initiatives, recyclability and sustainability. You can feel good knowing that washing your body is great for your hygiene and for the planet.

11. Viking Revolution Tea Tree Oil Foot & Body Wash

Men who suffer from unwanted skin conditions can seek relief in Viking Revolution Tea Tree Oil Foot & Body Wash. It can help heal acne, ringworm, jock itch, toenail fungus and athlete’s foot. It can also manage the often uncomfortable and painful symptoms associated with these conditions, including dry skin, eczema, irritation, inflammation, redness and chronic itch.

This body wash formula packs in all-natural antibacterial and antifungal ingredients, including tea tree oil, rosemary oil and oregano oil. These work together to inhibit and kill unwanted organisms on the skin that are known to cause and worsen skin issues. Although these oils are gentle, it is important to balance them with nourishing, hydrating, and healing vitamins and extracts. Viking Revolution understands that need, which is why they included aloe vera, olive oil, bark oil and vitamin E. If you use this body cleanser daily, you will be sure to see an improvement in your skin’s overall health and appearance.

The pump dispenser allows you to easily control the amount of cleanser that comes out and ensures your purchase will last longer.

12. Every Man Jack Cedarwood Body Wash

Body washes geared toward sensitive skin can be hard to find. Some companies assume that since men rinse body wash off their skin shortly after application, ingredients are not a critical concern. Fortunately, Every Man Jack understands the importance of what you put on your skin. The ingredients are clean, and free from parabens, phthalates and dyes, leading to an irritation-free shower experience.

No need to pore over the ingredient list in search of potentially harmful chemicals and dyes. Every Man Jack uses coconut-derived cleansers and glycerin as natural moisturizers. They also use naturally occurring oils and extracts in this body wash. In their Cedarwood version, they incorporate sage and rosemary oils, and juniper wood extract. Apart from smelling heavenly, this body wash will help clear up your skin blemishes, diminish inflammation and decrease redness.

When you purchase an Every Man Jack product, you are also helping the planet. With every order, the company plants one tree to aid in the effort to regrow forests, restore natural landscapes and offset carbon emissions. To top it off, all bottles are made with 50% recycled plastic. Now, that’s a body wash we can get behind.

13. Marlowe No. 103 Body Wash for Men

Marlowe No. 103 is one of the best value body washes for men. This product contains high-quality natural ingredients that restore, renew and protect your skin from irritation, inflammation and environmental stressors. In other words, it will help heal the skin issues you may have been dealing with for a long time, including acne, ingrown hairs, razor burn and bumps, sun and wind damage, dry skin, and eczema.

Marlowe’s affordable body wash gives you an opportunity to cash in on their proprietary blend of natural extracts. Passionflower fruit extract provides ample moisture, controls excess oil, and calms dry, itchy skin. Green tea extract reduces inflammation and redness, aids skin repair, and promotes healing. Willow bark and green sea algae extract round it out, helping to soothe irritated and inflamed skin.

Conscious consumers will be happy to know the body cleanser is paraben and phthalate free. You can finally get your hands on a clean product that cleans and hydrates the way a body wash should, without potentially harmful ingredients.

One thing you should know about this product is that it takes a few pumps to work up a thick, rich lather. Because of this, you may find yourself running through a bottle pretty quickly if you are someone who likes a thick lather in the shower.

14. Murad Acne Body Wash 

If you suffer from acne, you know all too well that blemishes can make their way from your face to other areas of your body. You may be someone who deals with painful bumps on your chest, back and shoulders. You need a specially formulated all-over body cleanser that can help you tackle tough breakouts. Murad’s acne body wash is a superb option.

Murad uses triclosan to attack bacteria and fungi. Since these are the main culprits for body acne, this product can help manage breakouts. As an antiseptic, it can also prevent infections if pimples pop in the body-washing process. Additionally, they incorporate date-seed powder to exfoliate dead skin, remove dry skin and diminish the appearance of scars. They also bring in salicylic acid to unblock pores, shrink current pimples, reduce inflammation and minimize redness.

Since Murad assists with uncomfortable symptoms, it is a welcome relief for struggling men. Body acne often worsens if neglected, so give this body wash a try. It may be your ticket to clear, smooth skin.

15. Cremo No. 21 Reserve Collection Palo Santo Body Wash

A sophisticated man needs a sophisticated scent. Cologne can often be too much for casual occasions. Some days call for a body wash with a lingering, refined scent. That is part of the appeal of Cremo No. 21 Reserve Collection Body Wash with Palo Santo. It builds off of cardamom, papyrus and palo santo notes to create an irresistible, subtle fragrance. While Palo Santo is a fan favorite, also try their other scents, which include Vintage Suede and Distiller’s Blend.

This body wash certainly does not disappoint in the smell department, but it is also a powerful cleanser and moisturizer for your skin. While some fragrances can be drying, Cremo includes glycerin, aloe leaf juice and marula oil in their formula. These ingredients are known for their ability to hydrate even the driest skin. They restore your skin’s natural moisture barrier and lock it in all day. You can indulge in a light lather that leaves your skin soft and supple. The day you start using this body wash, all of your friends will be asking you where you got it.

16. CeraVe Soothing Body Wash for Very Dry Skin

Men are no strangers to dry skin. Many men, however, are strangers to treatment options. If you’re the type of guy who is prepared to suffer in silence, hoping your dry skin will magically gain moisture on its own or that lotion will do the trick, this might be the body wash for you.

Kicking chronic dry skin to the curb begins with the right body wash, and CeraVe Soothing Body Wash for Very Dry Skin is a great candidate. Men dealing with other skin conditions, including eczema, psoriasis or contact dermatitis, may also benefit immensely from this body wash.

Dermatologists helped to develop this body wash to ensure it doesn’t aggravate dry skin. It contains three ceramides, replicating those already found in the skin. They help rebuild your skin’s natural hydration barrier and protect it from further irritation. Hyaluronic acid, a common ingredient found in extra-strength dry skin creams, seeks to cleanse, hydrate, and restore smoothness and softness to your skin. CeraVe also injects omega oils into their formula, which help balance hydration and restore lasting softness to your skin.

You will appreciate the extra care CeraVe takes with their body wash. They ensure it is free from fragrances, parabens, sulfates and soap, making it suitable for men with sensitive skin, allergies or painful dry skin symptoms.

17. Dove Men +Care Purifying Charcoal & Clove Body and Face Wash

Dove Men is a well-known name in the men’s care space, and for good reason. Their Purifying Charcoal & Clove Body and Face Wash is the latest addition to their fantastic lineup of men’s products. It won’t take long for you to start reaping the benefits of this excellent product.

If you find yourself searching for that genuine clean feeling after your showers, using a product with a cleansing and detoxifying charcoal infusion might be just what you need. Activated charcoal removes dirt and sweat from the surface of your skin, and pulls out toxins and impurities for an extra-deep clean that lasts all day. It nips acne- and odor-causing bacteria in the bud. Plus, the rich charcoal and clove scents are a welcome change from some of the traditional men’s body wash fragrances.

True to their brand, Dove cares about how your skin feels and looks after you step out of the shower. They added moisturizers such as glycerin to their formula to ensure your skin maintains ample hydration. Worrying about uncomfortably tight and dry skin will be a thing of the past once you get your hands on this body wash.

18. Jack Black Black Reserve Body & Hair Cleanser

Jack Black was one of the first companies to address the need for men’s skin and hair products. Now, with 20 years of experience in building quality men’s care products, they continue to launch some of the best men’s body washes in the industry. Their Black Reserve Body & Hair Cleanser is the ideal solution for any man looking for a quick and effective shower routine. You can use this product on your body and your hair (and expect it to do a fabulous job on both).

It is formulated with coconut-based cleansers that gently exfoliate and clean your skin without removing essential moisture. Aloe vera, jojoba protein, pro-vitamin b5 and shea butter work together to moisturize, soften and smooth your skin. The result will be shiny, silky hair and healthy, radiant skin.

If the perfect pick-me-up existed in a bottle, it would be Black Reserve Body Wash. The aromatics are sublime, combining lavender and bergamot to deliver a peaceful sense of calm and coriander and patchouli to elevate your mood. Go with Black Reserve if you want a body wash that keeps you smelling and feeling fresh all day.

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