5 Tips for Glowing, Healthy Summer Skin From a Board Certified Dermatologist

5 Tips Glowing Healthy Skin This Summer
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As much as everyone loves summer, these warmer months can be hell for your skin. But to keep you looking your best, Us Weekly got five summer skincare tips from Dr. Will Kirby, a board certified celebrity dermatologist and the Chief Medical Officer at LaserAway, a leading aesthetic dermatology group specializing in tattoo removal, laser hair removal, CoolSculpting and skincare procedures. Here are Dr. Kirby’s top recommendations:

Use Protection
“I know it’s not sexy, but you have to use physical barrier protection during the summer,” Dr. Kirby says. “So have fun with it! Wear dark glasses and a big hat. Think Kentucky Derby meets The Oscars!”

Get Ready for Takeoff
“People take more long flights in the summer, and long flights are awful for your skin,” Dr. Kirby warns. “So skip makeup and instead apply a thick layer of your favorite moisturizer before you embark.”


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Chill in the Shower
Dr. Kirby also shared one of his “personal favorite tips” that he gives to all of his VIP clients: “After taking a hot shower, turn the knob and spend the last minute in cold water. It ups your heart rate and invigorates you. Try it — you won’t be disappointed!”

Moisturize While You Sleep
“What’s old is new again — remember that humidifier your mom use to have? Plug it back in!” Dr. Kirby recommends. “Running a humidifier in your bedroom at night is one the easiest ways to improve skin hydration.”

Opt for the Blocks
“For broad spectrum, UVA/UVB protection, switch from a traditional sunscreen to a product that only contains physical blocks: titanium dioxide and zinc oxide,” the doc suggests. “They aren’t absorbed into the body and they offer the best sun protection you can get. I’m biased, but I use ‘BFF SPF’ from LaserAway Beauty. It’s sheer with a matte finish, and it’s tinted so it looks great with or without makeup!”

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