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Celebrity Dentist Dr. Goodman: Avoiding Sparkling Water Can Help You Get a Whiter Smile

Dr. Joseph Goodman, Celeb Dentist
Dr. Joseph Goodman, celebrity dentist. Courtesy of Dr. Joseph Goodman

That LaCroix you love so much might be working against you when it comes to having perfect teeth. Celebrity dentist Dr. Joseph Goodman who has worked with Sterling K. Brown, Piers Morgan, Wayne Brady, Miss USA Olivia Jordan, Dr. Phil and more, sat down with Stylish and dished on the surprising drinks that may be deterring you from achieving a million dollar smile.

Sterling K. Brown
Sterling K. Brown. Stacey Newman/Shutterstock

 “Stay away from acidic drinks such as carbonated drinks. Sparkling water has a very low PH, which damages the enamel and weakens the enamel layer. This will make teeth more more porous and prone to staining,” he explained.

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Other than avoiding sparkling water, the dentist said that skipping out on colored carbonated beverages can make a big difference too. “Drinks like Coke are even worse for your teeth and coffee and teas have a staining effect,” he told Stylish.

If you’ve had one too many club sodas or lattes lately, don’t fret, Dr. Goodman says a trip to your dentist can get your smile back on track. 

“Teeth whitening is done in our office in Beverly Hills with blue light that activates a hydrogen peroxide gel that is applied on your teeth. We isolate your gum to avoid white spots on the gum and apply the gel on the front surface,” he said.

“Combining the LED light and heat activates the hydrogen peroxide and allows it to penetrate into the enamel tubules. This will clean the teeth from the inside out and make them appear much whiter. This process is done 3 times in 15 minute intervals and in less than 1 hour, the patient has a radiant smile,” he dished.

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But if you’re looking to get in on Hollywood-loved veneers, he has good news for you. 

“Everyone who wants to rejuvenate their smile qualifies for veneers. This includes patients who want whiter, straighter, longer or shorter teeth or who want to cover teeth that may have cracks, stains or chips that are exposed.”

Dr. Phil
Dr. Phil. Gregory Pace/Shutterstock

To get porcelain veneers, Dr. Goodman says the process typically requires two visits, the first for sizing and temporization and the second, a week later, for seat delivery.

“I use a very conservative approach called the minimal invasive technique. My motto is and has always been to respect the tooth. I am very careful in shaving very little off the front surface of tooth structure. I also place no prep veneers, which allows me to place the veneer without having to drill away any tooth structure,” he spilled.

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Whether you get a quick teeth whitening or opt for a full smile makeover, Dr. Goodman says patients walk out of his door feeling happier and even find themselves smiling more.

“Most people are stunned and some patients are so happy they actually cry or immediately jump for joy when first seeing the results of their smile rejuvenation. For others, it takes a minute to sink in what just happened. All patients usually report that after a smile makeover they are more confident in their day-to-day activities,” he revealed. 

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