Every U.S. State’s Favorite Emoji in One Place (And Yes, One Loves the Poop Emoji the Most)

Every U.S. State's Favorite Emoji in One Place
SwiftKey conducted a study to figure out every U.S. state's favorite emoji; see them all on the map! 

The United States of Emoji! We've got a whole country of emoji lovers in the good ol' U.S., which is why SwiftKey, a UK-based tech firm, conducted a study to figure out which of the icons are each state's favorites. Turns out, America, we're a little predictable.

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More than any other state, New Yorkers love the Statue of Liberty emoji, Hawaiians are all about the wave, and Arizonians love themselves a good cactus. (Note: While the map above shows just one icon for each state, SwiftKey actually lists five. Check out their website for more.)

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But there are some anomalies, too! Nebraska really puts the snail emoji to good use, while Nevada is into the eggplant, North Dakota rocks the camel, Vermont shares the poop, and Kansas adores the heart-emblazoned envelope. (Lots of love letters coming out of the Sunflower State!)

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Equally fascinating, SwiftKey also did a study about the most popular emojis around the globe. Americans love a chicken leg, Arabic speakers text lots of flowers, Russian speakers use romance-themed emojis more than any other language, and Canadians… well, they're using the poop emoji more than any other country.

But the most commonly used emojis in the whole wide world? Happy faces at 44.8 percent.

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