Gal Meets Glam Blogger Julia Engel Shares How to Package Holiday Presents With Style

Dressing up is one of the best parts of the holidays — and that goes for gifts, too. Luckily, Julia Engel’s coveted style spans well beyond her wardrobe. The blogger extraordinaire behind Gal Meets Glam shared with Us Weekly how she brings a personal touch (and a hint of glamour!) to one of her all-time favorite holiday activities.

Julia Engel

“Wrapping presents is one of the things I get most excited for,” says Engel. “I love packaging up my handpicked items with pretty details that let the receiver know just how special they are to me.”

The Charleston, South Carolina, local’s girly chic style comes through in every last detail, from the decorative boxes to the darling gift toppers and tags.

“I like to stick to a soft pastel color palette to let the unique paper embellishments really shine,” says the social media maven.

Holiday gift box
TIP: Create your own wrapping paper prints by stamping or stickering brown kraft paper.

At the top of Engel’s list of essentials is a handwritten holiday card. “My go-to stationery has short and playful greetings with plenty of blank space for personal notes. There is nothing like writing a sweet message to accompany a gift that you put a lot of thought into. It’s the best way to reflect on special moments with friends and family that year,” adds the style guru.

A heartfelt card can also become a special keepsake. “For me, it’s fun to reminisce by reading past holiday cards,” says Engel.

Make your own mark this holiday season with Engel’s tips, and for more seasonal ways to use paper and packaging, visit