Giuliana Rancic: Why Coworkers “Call Me a Robot”


By the time you plant yourself on the couch to watch the Globes, SAGs, Grammys or Oscars, Giuliana Rancic has been standing on the red carpet for hours (in 5-inch heels!) grilling the stars about their diet secrets, relationship status and fashion tips. So we thought it would be fun to turn the tables on the 35-year-old E! host and reality star to get her to dish on everything from her pre-show beauty regimen to the style mishap she calls a "sin."

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Us: How do you prep for an awards show?
GR: I start about a week or two before the actual show. It's important for me to have good skin since I'm standing six inches away from the stars and their skin is always so perfect. I use the DDF Revolve 400x twice a week, and it’s like getting microdermabrasian at home. It’s amazing and really makes my skin look flawless. I also go for a spray tan two days before so I don't look washed out under the lights.

Us: How do you keep your makeup on while you're standing on the red carpet for hours?
GR: The E! crew calls me a robot because they apply my makeup at 6 a.m. for Fashion Police and it pretty much stays that way until 10 p.m. It’s all about the skin. If you keep your skin healthy and hydrated, your makeup will go on better and last longer.

Us: What's the best beauty tip you learned from your makeup artist?
GR: My lips used to get really chapped and my makeup artist told me to rub them for a few seconds with a warm washcloth while I'm in the shower. I also use Nivea balm to keep my lips moisturized under my gloss.

Us: Who's been looking the best on the red carpet this awards season? 
GR: Mila Kunis. She worked a gorgeous dramatic look at the Golden Globes and then went for a flowy youthful dress at the SAGs. She's so versatile and looks incredible in anything.

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Us: Of all the dresses you've worn during this award season, which is your favorite?
GR: The black Zac Posen dress that I wore to the Golden Globes. I never wear black because I feel like it doesn't pop on the carpet, but that dress was cut so well. The next day I received a gorgeous bouquet of flowers from Zac Posen with a card that said, "You looked beautiful in my dress."

Us: What was your biggest red carpet style mishap?
GR: At my very first Emmy Awards I had chosen this green beaded dress for the show. I have no idea why but at the very last minute I was leaving my dressing room to go to the red carpet and decided to ditch my stiletto heels for these big brown cowboy boots! What a sin! Thankfully it was a long time ago so no red carpet pictures exist, although they may be floating around E! somewhere.

Us: Can you give us a sneak peek of what you plan to wear for the Oscars?
GR: I'm thinking about wearing this Christian Siriano dress. He sent it to me for the SAGs but I thought it was more of an Oscars dress. It's definitely a risk, but in fashion you have to be on the worst dressed list to be on the best dressed list. You can’t play it safe.

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