The Holiday Gifts That Keep on Giving


Jes Gordon, the author of Party Like a Rock Star, has put her party-planning skills to work for such clients as Madonna, Jennifer Lopez and Nicolas Cage! Now, she is providing inventive yet budget-friendly holiday gift ideas.

How do you buy the right gift for the right person?

Well, I tend to just buy people what I would truly want for myself, but that probably isn’t right. So, do your best to wrap a bow around the next best thing, aim to please, be observant and get something that you feel the person wouldn’t buy themselves ordinarily but would really want. (For instance, recently, my hubby was admiring a cool surfer dude wristwatch that he would never buy himself, and I found it to be a golden gift opportunity to give to him.)

These days, practical gifts are completely fine. Gift cards are my fail-safe idea always. There is nothing wrong with giving a coffee lover a Starbucks gift card, a workaholic a Staples card, a shopaholic an Amex card or a music fan an iTunes card. Basically, these gift cards are a one-stop shop for all walks of life. (And your local convenience store — try Walgreens or CVS — often has a variety of cards you can get all at once. But instead of choosing your own price, they typically have a prepaid amount of $25 or $50.) And at JCPenney, you can personalize your gift card to say everything from Merry Christmas to Celebrate Kwanzaa, Happy Hanukkah and Feliz Navidad!

If you feel that a gift card just isn't personal enough, make it meaningful with the written word that goes along with it.

Spa pampering gift certificates are quite well-received most of the time — or any pampering for that matter! In this economy, people have often forgone the little fun things they used to indulge in, such as manicures, hair highlights, massages or eyebrow waxing. Find a spa near them and book a treatment or two!

Even activities like dinners out or dog grooming expenditures are being avoided nowadays. If you see that someone has discontinued these activities, fill in the gap and give it back to them — if only for a little while.

And if you still aren't sold, consider something from the heart — although it sounds corny, it's is no joke. If you paint, then create a painting. If you sing, sing your little heart out to someone that will love it, and if you love to give, then giving to charities in a loved one's name is pretty cool, too. Don't know where to begin? Conduct an Angel Search to find out how to help your community or donate to the United Way.

More gift ideas:
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