Hollywood’s Best Brows (And How to Get Them!)

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Eyebrows may not seem like an important feature, but a stellar set of arches can upgrade your entire look. After all, what's a movie makeover montage without a cringe-inducing eyebrow waxing scene? And when it comes to A-list arches, we think that Megan Fox and Fergie have some of the best sets in town. So it should come as no surprise that they're both clients of LA eyebrow stylist Tonya Crooks. Here, she reveals the tweezer she can't live without, the celeb brows she'd love to take on, and more:

Have you ever staged an "eyebrow intervention" on a celeb client?
When I first started working with Fergie a few years ago, she had a brow piercing that I convinced her to take out, which really helped to improve the shape of her brows. Also, she was tweezing her brows a lot, and I got her to stop doing that to let her brows take on a fuller, more natural shape.

What’s the biggest mistake women, including celebs, make when they tweeze their own brows?
Tweezing too close to the bridge of the nose. You have to be really careful with tweezing there because those hairs dictate the arch and the shape of your entire brow. It flattens the arch and makes it less dramatic as it takes away part of the lowest part of your brow. Another mistake that many women make is overtweezing. They either make their brows too thin or too short, and many women tweeze too often (some as much as everyday!). You really should only be tweezing your brows every three to four weeks.

Are fuller brows really back? What’s the key to making a fuller brow work?
Yes, fuller brows are absolutely back! Gone are the pencil thin brows of the '90s. The key to pulling off a thicker look is to make sure that they're the right shape. If you have a full, thick brow, but it's the wrong shape, all people will think when they see your brows is just that — it's a furry brow!

What’s your go-to tweezer?
I really like Esthetic Plus as it stays sharper longer than any other tweezer I’ve tried.

Where's the weirdest place you’ve ever tweezed a celeb client?
I'd definitely have to say poolside!

Which celeb would you love to get your hands on?
I would love to work with Gwen Stefani. I think that she is so beautiful, and with just a bit of tweaking and brow magic, she could be even more gorgeous!

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