How Julianne Hough Maintains Her Platinum Blonde Permed Hair

How does she do it?! Though it’s traditionally a tough feat, Julianne Hough manages to maintain her platinum blonde and permed strands. While the hue is pretty to look at, there are ugly downsides: Bleaching can cause a change in texture and requires tons of conditioning, and perming typically brings on dryness and unsightly frizz.

Julianne Hough
Julianne Hough David Livingston/Getty Images

The Dancing With the Stars alum, who has been platinum for nearly three years and permed her hair last month, knows that there’s reward in the risk. “When I wanted to get this perm, everyone was like, ‘Your hair is literally going to fall out if you do this because it’s blonde,’” she told Allure. “I think taking risks with your hair says a lot about your personality. Stepping out of your comfort zone is really when you’re going to grow.”

Julianne Hough
Julianne Hough Adam Taylor/ABC via Getty Images

Hough shared her tips in keeping her hue looking healthy. While washing, she uses a shower filter from Raindrops ($110, “It’s really good for blondes that the water gets filtered through … blondes sometimes get brassy, and it becomes orangey yellow hair after a while,” she continued. “So this filters it out so you don’t have to worry about that.”

And when her strands get “dingy,” she turns to Unite Luxury shampoo ($35, and conditioner ($39,]), which contain moisturizing argan oil, Hawaiian white honey, crushed pearl butter and shea butter. To dry, Hough turns away from the dryer and opts to go natural. “I don’t even own a blow-dryer, which is kind of hard to believe, but I really like it when my hair air-dries, and then I curl it,” she says. “It looks less polished and more effortless.”

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