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Olivia Culpo Tells Stylish How She Grooms Her Own (On Fleek!) Brows — Follow Her Step-By-Step!

Not just a pretty face! Stylish caught up with Olivia Culpo at a Degree for Women event to launch the brand’s new Ultraclear Black + White Dry Spray and she had some pretty smart advice for Us!

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First, she let us in on a crazy fact about those yellow stains your white tees get under the arms (you know the ones!) Apparently, they’re caused by a chemical reaction that happens when sweat interacts with the ingredients in antiperspirant/deodorant then mixes with laundry detergent — not just from your sweat. Who knew?! Degree for Women’s new Ultraclear Black+ White Dry Spray contains a special ingredient to offset the chemical reaction, so it helps prevent those yellow stains. Also, it is totally clear — no white marks on black clothes ever — cool, right? 

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But that wasn’t the coolest thing we learned from Culpo! I happened to compliment her brows, because, well, the former Miss Universe has some seriously covetable arches. After sharing the irony that she was teased all through high school because her brows were so full (silly teenagers!), she confessed that she grooms her brows herself. That’s right — no pro needed! And guess what — she gave Stylish her step-by-step for getting brows as amazing as hers! Here, Culpo’s exclusive how-to:

1. Get armed. “The things I think everybody needs for good eyebrows are an eyebrow brush, a tweezer, eyebrow scissors and a magnifying mirror.

2. Trim hairs. Culpo brushes up her brows then snips long outliers, working from the top of the arch towards the bridge of the nose. “Think of them as a downward staircase from the peak to the base. You want the peak of the brow to have the most hair, so that area should have the longest hairs, then you want to get shorter as you reach the base. That helps shape and frame the face,” she says.

3. Pluck strays. Invest in a magnifying mirror because “it’s difficult to find strays without one. But ignore everything else! My facialist told me to throw mine away when I complained about big pores.”

4. Add definition. “I use a pencil to fill in gaps and right now I’m loving the Dior Brow Pencil. It’s so thin that it looks very natural. They have a shade called Universal and it really does go with everybody’s brow.” Culpo recommends concentrating color at the peak to “raise your eyes.”

5. Set brows. Sometimes Culpo spritzes a spoolie brush with hairspray to set hairs but “some people use Elmer’s Glue or hair wax.” Again… who knew?! File under: things we learned from Olivia Culpo! 

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