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Martha Hunt Shares Her Secret to Confidence, Also Knows How to Pack Like a Pro 

Martha Hunt
Martha Hunt

Martha Hunt has the glamorous life figured out. Not only is she part of the elite ranks as a Victoria’s Secret Angel, but she’s also a bonafide glam guru. We caught up with Hunt to talk all about the new VS Bombshell Body launches — including the reasons she thinks everyone should try a bra without an underwire, what she likes to sleep in and wear to the beach as a cover up, her skincare secrets, how she extends the life of her tan, how to packs most efficiently for her jet setting ways, and so much more. Check it out!

Stylish: Talk to me about the latest Victoria’s Secret offerings!

Martha Hunt: Well, I’m in LA today, and we are on our way to Victoria’s Secret store, and we are going to be launching the t-shirt bra collection, and the Victoria’s Secret Sexy and Casual sleep collection.

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Stylish: Love. Do you wear that new bra? Have you worn it?

MH: Yes. The t-shirt bra is the most comfortable bra, I can promise you that. There’s no underwire so it doesn’t dig into your skin, and the new cotton fabric is so comfy and it comes in so many great, bright colors.

Stylish: What’s your favorite bright color?

MH: My favorite bright color for the bra? Coral.

Stylish:  Did it take a little bit of a learning curve for you to wear a bra that doesn’t have an underwire?

MH: I’m telling you, if you try it, you’ll be surprised. You’ll be impressed with how much it supports you, and it’s comfortable. You don’t even know it’s there. And if you want to show off the strap under a tank top, it has a really cool retro logo that’s such a cool throwback moment.

Stylish: I love that. How about the Bombshell Body line? Are you using it? Are you loving it?

MH: I love the oil and the tanner. It’s perfect for summer. And the fragrance, it smells really good. It’s really floral and fruity.

Stylish: The tanner is so great because it feels so smooth.

MH: Yes, it’s so smooth. And the color is perfect. I’m telling you. I have so much more confidence when I have a tan, most Victoria Secret models do. And when I don’t have a tan, I just don’t feel myself, and this bronzer is the perfect shade for the summer.

Stylish: What makes it different? What makes the shade so perfect?

MH: I just think that they found the right color where it’s not too orange. It looks like an authentic tan, like you’ve been in The South of France all week. The texture is really, really creamy, and so it’s really hydrating on your skin.

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Stylish: That’s so great. And then do you use the oil the next day, or just to sort of highlight and keep it going?

MH: I like to use the oil after a long day in the sun, when I want to keep my tan. I’m all about oils and products. I love all of that stuff.

Stylish: What are those scents that you love? What smells like summer and beach to you?

MH: I love the Bombshell. I mean, it smells like a bombshell. There’s a coconut that I love as well, and coconut, also just the smell of it — reminds me of summer. I just spray it in the air and sort of walk into it. Just not overdo it.

Stylish: Any other summer secrets?

MH: I use slips for everything. I sleep in slips, they’re so sexy and comfortable at the same time. I wear my slips under jeans, Victoria’s Secret really has the best slips.

Stylish: So any other summer getaway packing tips, with your beauty products?

MH: My best packing tip would be to roll your clothes. Because that way you can fit the maximum amount of product in your suitcase. To definitely bring a good bronzer. I definitely would bring lots of fun swimwear. The new Bombshell fragrance from Victoria’s Secret. It also comes in a mist, which is lighter for summer.

Stylish: Any other packing tips?

MH: And always bring sunscreen.

Stylish: Of course, what’s your favorite sunscreen?

MH: Dr. Barbara Sturm just gave me these sun drops that I love — you just add them into your moisturizer, and it protects your skin all day. She also made me her blood cream too.

Stylish: She is a genius, that woman.

MH: Yes. She invented the blood facial.


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