Melissa Etheridge: What’s In My Bag?

Melissa Etheridge
Melissa Etheridge Michael Pirrocco

Melissa Etheridge‘s 17-year-old daughter is totally in tune with her mama. “Bailey got me this great wallet for Christmas,” raves the singer, whose album This is M.E. is out September 30. “It has a guitar-pick holder!” What other items does the mom of Bailey, Beckett, 15, and 7-year-old twins Miller and Johnny — wed to producer Linda Wellen, 53 — keep in her satchel? Melissa spills her purse just for Us Weekly.



Card Trick

“I need my iPhone because I’m addicted to Solitaire. I could play all day long. It’s a calming tool for my mind!”


Mystical Musings

“I’m currently reading a fascinating book called Supernatural by an anthropologist named Graham Hancock. It’s about shamanism in ancient cultures and the belief that hallucinogens are the beginnings of all religion.”



Shady Lady

“My prescription aviator sunglasses come with me everywhere. They’re the kind that gets darker when you go outside. You can probably find 100 photos of me wearing the same pair.”


Leaving a mark

“When I’m writing lyrics, I use Bic roller pins. And I carry Sharpies to sign autographs, but the caps always fall off and I end up with black stains everywhere. It’s the worst!”

Budding Artist

“Nothing in my bag is very outlandish, but I always have a Bic lighter. And depending on what state I’m in…I might also carry something else.”


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