Recessionista: Go Gator


Gotta love Fergie. She just brings it with her style — she dresses for 3008 and we're all just trying to catch up! The labels she wears are so modern but sometimes they're priced in another galaxy. Come back down to earth in Kowboy and Co's $64 pair of leggings that replicates those $198 jeans she loves to wear.

Shoppers beware: this look is not for everyone! I am personally not a huge fan of tie-dyed leggings or jeans for my bumps and curves so I really only advise those who have nice, fit stems and no belly bulge to do this look. Please make sure you buy the right size. I have seen too many young women lately buying and wearing the wrong size leggings, which invites roll-overs and causes body fat ripples in the wrong places with these types of pants. Also, make sure you get a good top that you can pair with it well, like a simple jersey tee.
Celebrities (when they look good) are there for fashion ideas and inspiration on the most up-to-date trends and they own what really fits and tailors their body well. When you're trying stuff on, make sure it fits you properly!  Being this up-to-the-minute can get very expensive if you're not wearing it right. There are several ideas here and ways to wear Kowboys and Co.'s leggings. Just go with what makes you feel the most glamorous!    

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